Virtual Paperweight Fest 2021

Virtual Paperweight Fest 2021 banner with two images: a paperweight at the end of a blowpipe being inserted into a glowing glory hole (left), and a closeup of a yellow rose paperweight (right).

Virtual Paperweight Fest 2021
MAY 14, 15, & 16, 2021 – Eastern Daylight Time

Presented in association with the Delaware Valley Paperweight Collectors Association.

WheatonArts invites all glass enthusiasts to join us during the Virtual Paperweight Fest 2021, as we celebrate our 50+1 Anniversary and the 46th Anniversary of the Paperweight Fest, also known for many years as “Paperweight Weekend.”

Experience the Art of Paperweights like never before! Get caught up in the history & techniques of glass paperweights with unique presentations, attend break-out sessions with world-class paperweight artists, watch live demonstrations as artists create with molten hot glass, and shop individual weights with Artists & Dealers!

Coral reef paperweight by Cathy Richardson with single window cut and coral engravings on the outside of the paperweight.
Alison Ruzsa process shot of her hands painting onto the glass paperweight the silhouttes of two people under a cherry blossom tree.


Flexibility. Choose your participation level for the Fest. Stay for each presentation or come and go based on your time and interests. You control your path as you would at an in-person event. HOPIN, the virtual platform we are using for this event, allows attendees to move in and out of break-out session rooms with ease throughout the weekend.

Paperweight Fest content will only be available to ticket purchasers. Registrants will receive an email with the video links after they have been edited and uploaded. They will not be made public. 

An All-in-One Experience Available Nowhere Else!

Submerse yourself in knowledge with Paperweight Presentations by Gay LeCleire Taylor, Angela Bowey, Marek Kordasiewicz, and Andy Dohan.

Watch live demonstrations by Don Friel, David Graeber, & Skitch Manion as they attempt to create the World’s Largest Millville Rose Paperweight!

Engage with Loren Stump as he demonstrates the making of a Millville Rose Murrine. Slices of the Murrine will be sold to support WheatonArts.

Join Meet the Artist Break Out Sessions with Paul Stankard, Damon MacNaught, Cathy RichardsonClinton Smith, Mayauel Ward, Chris Sherwin, Alison Ruzsa, or Melissa Ayotte, as well as a 50th Anniversary Exhibit Tour with Kristin Qualls.

Shop & Visit with Artists & Dealers: Tad McKeon’s Paperweights for Collectors, Cathy Richardson, Ken Rosenfeld, Alison Ruzsa, William Pitt Paperweights, and the A.G. Paperweight Shop. 

Don Friel working on a trial run of a large Millville Rose Paperweight at the end of a blowpipe.
Collection of 12 antique paperweights featured by William Pitt Paperweights.

Thank you to our Paperweight Fest 2021 sponsors:

L.H. Selman Ltd., Fine Glass Paperweights
Jere Gibber & J.G. Harrington
Eric Jump, The Paperweight Collection
Paperweight Collectors Association, Inc.

Three floral paperweights by Paul Stankard on display at Paperweight Fest 2016