Paperweight Gather: A Virtual Event (2020)

Paperweight Gather: A Virtual Event banner. Two images: A cube shaped transparent glass paperweight. Inside is a gathering of small flameworked flowers of many colors (left). Second image shows a closeup of a pair of hands shaping a thin glass rod with a torch.

This event took place on May 16, 2020

On Saturday, May 16, the AG Paperweight Shop at WheatonArts celebrated the art of the paperweight with an online event featuring virtual demonstrations, studio tours, and videos.

A paperweight by Paul Stankard with a floating figure in front of a bundle of flowers in white, blue, pink, and orange.
Paul Stankard, Floating Figures and Flowers Orb
A paperweight by Alison Ruzsa. The tall dome is painted with a scene of a silhouetted couple walking under orange and red trees with a pile of fallen leaves in the center.
Alison Ruzsa, Autumn Walk

In addition to the above artists, exhibited work from:

John and Craig Deacons
Drew Ebelhare and Sue Fox
Don Friel
Eric Hansen
Damon MacNaught
Ken Rosenfeld
Alison Ruzsa
Victor Trabucco

Much of this work was available only during this short window of time on Sales supported both Paperweight Artists and WheatonArts!

A plaque by David Graeber depicting honeybees gathering around large green lily pads with bright pink flowers.
David Graeber, Lotus Plaque with Honey Bees
A paperweight by Melissa Ayotte, entitled 'Watchful Eye', with a purple flower in a bright yellow background.
Melissa Ayotte, Watchful Eye
An engraved paperweight created as a collaboration between Cathy Richardson and Colin Richardson. On top of a grey engraved depiction of a frog on a branch, there is a colorful blue frog on a similar branch with bright yellow berries.
Cathy Richardson, Engraved Tropical Frog II, Collaboration with Colin Richardson

Top images: Mayauel Ward, Lampwork Bouquet Cube Sculpture 1; Close up of Paul Stankard flameworking a root person.