Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire banner with a kid knighting a man with a toy sword.

Produced in partnership with Mystic Realms, Ltd.

June 18 & 19, 2022
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

A family-friendly festival of medieval folklore & fun!

Strolling costumed characters, portraying historical and mythical figures, interact with each other and visitors throughout WheatonArts both days.  Everyone is welcome to come dressed in their favorite fantasy garbs to enjoy a variety of live performances, storytellers, dancing, drumming, and sword demonstrations. Watch as colorful champions battle to save the Kingdom of Wheaton!
New 2022 event info is coming in! Please check back for updates. Thank you!

Fantasy Faire is included with WheatonArts General Admission. Tickets are available online and at the front gate.

$12 Adults
$11 Seniors
$7 Students
Kids 5 & under are FREE
fantasy Faire Parade of Charaters
Costumed ninja and child posing for a picture during Fantasy Faire

Meet New Friends!

Meet the Pirates from Treasure Island as they run a rickety set of Pirate Games where everyone is a winner. Collect coins and turn them in for pirate prizes. (Fee)

At the Court of Miracles, children can meet Esmeralda and other characters from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and enjoy dancing and drumming techniques by individual and troupe performers. Performances at quarter past and quarter of the hour.

Storybook characters will teach your children to sing along to many well-known children’s songs.

Join the “Kingdom of Wheaton Scavenger Hunt” and get signatures from our friendliest characters! Available at the Front Gate. Collect a Pirate Coin once you’ve completed the hunt!

Learn New Skills!

Merlin the Magnificent Wizard
Observe and learn orb manipulation! Find Merlin as he travels the Kingdom of Wheaton, teaching and displaying the magic of contact juggling.

Spring Pole Raising and Dance 1:30 p.m. (children participate in the dance)
Come and join the traditional dance at 1:30 p.m. We ask parents to encourage younger children by holding the ribbons and dancing with them in this joyous celebration!

Phoenix Swords Performances 12:30 p.m. & 3:30 p.m. (2019)
Watch these renowned performers from Phoenix Swords give authentic demonstrations of western martial arts.  Visitors may take introductory sword lessons ($5.00) throughout the day.

Society for Creative Anachronisms 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (2019)
The members of the Society For Creative Anachronism will be performing throughout the day.

Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (2019)
Watch as members from Markland re-enact medieval life by constructing and using reproductions of the period’s accouterments.

Create Fused Glass Medallions in the Education Studio
Pre-register to create a wearable Fused Glass Medallion to boost your magical abilities. Available for ages 5 & up at an event discount of $10 per person. Call to register at 856.825.6800 ext. 152. Walk-ins are welcome if seats are available.

Fantasy Faire 2019 attendees and actors participate in maypole dance with other Faire attendees admiring on the sidelines.
Fantasy Faire 2019 actors perform on the green stage in front of a watching audience outdoors.
Cropped image of Fantasy Faire 2019 attendees and actors walk past and admire a life-like tree creature along the WheatonArts campus outdoors.

Street Performers

Meet the King, Queen, & Barons of the Kingdom of Wheaton strolling the streets.

Keep a lookout for a mob of dancers showing off their Medieval Moves! Join in the dancing if you like!

The Loch Nessa & the Pied Piper will introduce fairgoers to the fantastic creatures from her journeys.

Get candy & treats from the not-so-wicked Grymm Witches if you dare.

Keep your eyes open for the giant walking tree!

FREE Family Art Activities

Take a seat at the Family Art Activity Station for complimentary craft time! Recommended for ages 5 & above with parental assistance. Estimated times of 15 to 30 minutes per activity.

Create a Fire-breathing Dragon Puppet!
Adorn your paper bag dragon puppet with scales & sequins to make them uniquely yours. Once completed, take it for a test flight through the Kingdom of Wheaton.

Decorate a Personal Shield!
Be ready for a mythical battle with your own handmade shield! Use a variety of materials – duct tape, glass gems, paper plates, markers, and more to create a shield that represents your playing character. 

Build a Fire Breathing Accessory!
Pretend to breathe fire by creating a handheld accessory with construction & tissue paper. Blow through the tube to activate the tissue paper flames! 

Fantasy Faire 2019 attendees participate in kids' craft activities with a Fantasy Faire actor dressed in a whimsical yellow dress and colorful butterfly wings at a tented booth outdoors. Other attendees walk passed in the background.
Fantasy Faire 2019 attendees participate in kids' craft activities with adult supervision outdoors.
Robin Hood and his band of men
3 Fantasy Faire Cosplayers

Tournament of Prosperity Performance

The Kingdom of Wheaton is a peaceful realm ruled by the good King William. The Kingdom is divided into four Baronies. The Baron of the North, Baron of the South, the Baron of the East, and the Baron of the West each rule a portion of the Kingdom.

Every year the King hosts the Tournament of Prosperity, where each Barons brings a champion to compete. The Barons search the world for unique combatants from faraway lands. Each year the winning Barony is given a chest of gold, and the King must drink a toast to the tournament’s winner.

Last year, King Leon invaded and conquered the previously-peaceful Kingdom of Wheaton. Behind the scenes, the Barons of the East and West work to bring back King William and Queen Grace. Eventually, even the Barons of the North and South are ready to get rid of King Leon’s tyranny. But can anyone save the Kingdom? Will Wheaton’s champions be able to avert disaster? What about the Fool, the Witches, or Rumpelstiltskin?

The program schedule is subject to change. Please check back for updates.

Armchair Wizards on an outdoor stage, performing for a crowd.