Image of the banner for HalloWheaton. "HalloWheaton" is written in orange and yellow gradient letters across the top of the banner. The background of the banner is a dark green to light green gradient with gray clouds and a large full moon on the right side of the banner. In the bottom right corner is a dark gray cartoon version of the WheatonArts Glass Studio. The Glass Studio has three rectangular windows and a chimney releasing a curly stream of smoke up towards the top of the banner. The banner features four circular photos with light green shadows. The photos feature children and their families dressed up in costumes for the event. Costumes include characters from Beauty and the Beast, Sailor Moon, My Little Pony, Star Wars, and Captain America. One child is also holding an orange jack-o-lantern candy basket for trick-or-treating.


Free Admission!
Saturday, October 26, 2024
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

This event is rain or shine, scare-free, & family-friendly!

Find out why this event has become a local family tradition! Trick-or-Treat in your Halloween costume throughout the WheatonArts campus to meet & take photos with traditional costumed characters played by the talented Mystic Realms actors. Stop by our community partner booths for various activities & games, including Champions of Hope, Cumberland County Library, Cumberland County Habitat for Humanity, Cumberland County Historical Society, Ocean City Library, Rutger’s Master Gardeners of Cumberland County, and Tori’s Critters.

Below are details from the 2023 HalloWheaton event. We will update this page with new 2024 information as it becomes available. Please check back later for updates.

Image of a large orange pumpkin with triangular eyes and a large mouth carved into it. Hot glass is being blown into the top of the pumpkin so that a large glass bubble is coming out of the mouth. A pair on tongs is assisting the glass at the top of the pumpkin.
Image of a child dressed in a pirate costume holding a patterned Halloween Trick-Or-Treating basket with a light green handle toward a HalloWheaton performer outside in front of the blue WheatonArts Paper Studio. The performer has long red hair and is wearing a light pink gown with puffy sleeves, a large silver crown, and long light pink gloves. The performer is placing a HalloWheaton Trick-Or-Treating prize into the child's bucket.

Glassmaking Demonstrations

Join us in the Glass Studio throughout the day for mesmerizing displays of various hot glass processes. Watch as the Glass Studio Team manipulates hot molten glass with unconventional tools, such as pumpkins and seasonal gourds, to produce visually stunning sculptural objects!

Free Family Art Activities

Celebrate the colorful fall season with the following complimentary hands-on crafting activities that all ages can enjoy. All materials are supplied and projects can be taken home the same day!

Friendly Ghost Pom Pom Popper: Get ready for a spook-tacular fun & friendly adventure with our Friendly Ghost Pom Pom Popper craft activity! This imaginative DIY project is perfect for kids and the young-at-heart who love to combine creativity with a touch of ghostly charm. These adorable, ghostly figures can shoot colorful pom poms across the room for hours of entertainment!

Witch’s Spell Activity Sheet: Embrace the enchanting world of magic & mystery with our “Witch’s Spell Activity Sheet.” This activity will ignite the imaginations of budding sorcerers & sorceresses of all ages! Let your inner witch or wizard soar as you craft your own spell. 

Youth Scarecrow Row 

Rutgers Master Gardeners of Cumberland County is inviting school art classes and county youth groups to participate (preK-5th and 6th-12th grades) in a Scarecrow Contest with cash prizes! Scarecrow Kits are available at the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Center of Millville. Finished scarecrows must be delivered to the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Center by October 25th. All judged scarecrows will then be transferred to WheatonArts and displayed in the Discovery Garden. Awards will be given out during HalloWheaton! For questions, please contact the Rutgers Cooperative Extension at 856.451.2800 ext. 4 or email kaylynnhy@cumberlandcountynj.gov.

Additional Discovery Garden Activities Include:
Hand & Face Painting
Live animals from Cumberland County 4-H
“Turkey Talk” with Barbara McOscar
Children’s Crafts & Educational Handouts

Image of a cartoon scarecrow. The scarecrow has a yellow head and short hair. A large, floppy brown hat covers the scarecrow's eyes. The trim of the hat has diagonal purple, blue, green, yellow, and orange stripes. The scarecrow is wearing a long-sleeved orange button shirt with dark orange time and yellow straw coming out from the sleeves. The scarecrow also has dark blue overalls with light blue pockets and trim. The straps are connected with brown circular buttons. More yellow straw is coming out from the legs of the overalls and on the left side by the strap. The scarecrow has a pink smile and blush and is on a gray wooden post.
A young girl creating a magnet with glue and glass frit to be fused together later in the kiln.

Make-Your-Own Fused Glass 

Design your own fall-inspired fused glass magnet, pendant, or suncatcher in the Education Studio! These fun fused glass projects are available for ages 5 & up (with parental assistance). Using pre-fused glass blanks, small pre-cut pieces of glass, and an assortment of accessory glass, create a design to be tack fused. We will fire your design and attach a bail, magnet, or leather cord, depending on your project choice. In 7-10 business days, completed glass projects will be ready to pick up or ship (for a fee). This glass fusing activity has a discounted fee of $10 per magnet/pendant and $20 per suncatcher.

This event is scare-free and family-friendly. Admission to HalloWheaton is FREE, part of the “WheatonArts Family Days! Presented by PNC Arts Alive!“ program. This event includes access to the Museum of American Glass, Down Jersey Folklife Center, Artist Studios, and Museum Stores.

PNC Bank Banner
Image of the L.J. Zucca inc. logo. The background is white and features large slanted black letters that read "L.J. Zucca inc." The bottom part of the "Z" of "Zucca" extends to the end of "inc." underneath the rest of the letters that follow it and has white text inside that reads "Distributors". Two long black horizontal lines start at the top of the "Z" and extend to the end of "inc.". A smaller black horizontal line is overtop of "inc." and runs from the start of "inc." to the end of it.

Special thank you to L.J. Zucca, Inc. for their generous large candy donation! Thank you to the ShopRite in Millville for their candy donation. 

Thank You Scarecrow Contest Sponsors: The Moose Lodge, Cumberland County Master Gardeners Steering Committee, The Cumberland County Board of Agriculture, Dutch Neck Landscaping, Barbara McOscar, and Marianne Rozanski.

Image of two children outside at HalloWheaton dressed in pink princess costumes. Each child has a tiara and a scepter and one child is carrying a purple trick-or-treat basket with black bats on it. The two children are walking in front of a larger crowd, many of who are wearing costumes of their own.