Welcome To A World of Creativity and Learning!

At WheatonArts, we value the creative process and the many ways in which engagement with the arts introduces learning skills and strengthens basic classroom curriculum goals.

In addition to the many wonderful exhibits, demonstrations and other attractions throughout WheatonArts, we offer special programs and classes for students and adults. Tour the internationally-known Museum of American Glass to discover the science, industry, art, and magic of glassmaking from colonial times to its contemporary stylings of the present.

Our Folklife Program provides experiences related to the folk traditions and cultural diversity of southern New Jersey through special exhibits, performances, workshops, and hands-on activities.

The Artist Studios (Glass, Pottery, and Flamework) offer demonstrations and opportunities for visitors to meet informally with resident artists as they watch the skillful transformation of clay and molten glass into beautiful objects. As artists share their craft, they discuss the materials and science, history and social forces that have shaped both art and culture. Our studios are incubators for ideas for the resident artists as well as the daily visitor.

The scenic grounds of WheatonArts offer the magic of nature, from the sands that form a major part of glass to the wide variety of trees and other plant life that help teach lessons in science and nature.


Creative Experiences: Classes and Workshops For Children and Adults


Adult and Teen Classes and Workshops

WheatonArts offers a great variety of workshops and classes that engage participants of all ages and levels of expertise in arts and culture. Participants will have opportunities to explore various art forms, aesthetics and cultures while participating in an interactive creative experience. Multi-session classes, intensives and workshops are designed to accommodate various ages, skill levels and time schedules. Many classes/workshops are open to teenagers, encouraging multi-generational experiences. All classes take place within the scenic grounds and exceptional facilities of Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center.


Children’s Classes and Workshops

WheatonArts offers a variety of classes and workshops designed to provide children with opportunities to explore their creativity. Children will experience an assortment of themes, materials and aesthetic approaches that are engaging and encourage open, creative minds. Each offering is designed to be entertaining while touching upon the basic learning skills of:

  • Attention to detail
  • Process, sequence and completion
  • Visual and spatial organization skills
  •  Patience, discipline and manners
  •  Motor skills
  • Planning and problem solving
  • Teamwork and leadership

All classes and workshops incorporate the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and strive to develop children’s art skills through the following goals:

·        Expand imagination and creativity

·        Expand art vocabulary

·        Encourage expression of experiences, thoughts and ideas through art

·        Promote an awareness of the incorporation of art in everyday life

·        Introduce the role, development, and influence of the arts throughout history and across cultures


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