Emanation 2019, April 2 through December 31 in the Museum of American Glass at WheatonArts. Process shot of a radiation symbol uranium orb by Jo Yarrington in the glass studio glory hole.

EMANATION 2019 will be on display April 2, 2019 – December 31, 2019
in the Museum of American Glass

Emanation 2019 is the third exhibition of contemporary art featuring new works developed and created by artists invited to utilize the resources and facilities at WheatonArts for experiment based exploration. The results are displayed with an emphasis on each artist’s creative process. As the site of creation, as well as the site of exhibition and related education programs, WheatonArts facilitates collaboration and partnerships with artists in a creative sanctuary that enables new ideas to emanate forth.

Celebrate the Emanation 2019  exhibit & Artists with us during
ignite! a WheatonGather!

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Banner for ignite! a WheatonGather. Photo of large yellow sparks on the right in the background.
"Emanation 2019" Artist Martha McDonald practicing playing a glass horn.

2 p.m. on Sunday, June 2, 2019

Watch a live performance on the musical glass instruments hanging in the Museum lobby by performing artists Martha McDonald and Laura Baird!
The performance is included with admission to WheatonArts.

Letter from Emanation 2019’s Curator

photo of Emanation 2019 curator Julie CourtneyWhen I first visited Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center, I was captivated, puzzled, and delighted. What was this place, with its faux Victorian buildings and cutesy shoppes? And the museum – who puts red flocked wallpaper in a museum? And when I visited the studio I was overwhelmed at the scale and elegance of the structure. It was noisy and dangerous. I was nervous and tentative. I was invited to blow something. I was terrified.

When I was invited to curate one of WheatonArts’ Emanation exhibitions, I jumped at the chance. I had curated one exhibition of glass art decades before. They were all glass artists of some reputation. Generally I like to reach out to artists who are not medium specific and who would embrace the opportunity to work in a new medium and welcome the challenge.

The artists in this iteration of Emanation have not previously worked in glass, but are creative thinkers and problem solvers, who have embraced the opportunity to experiment in a new medium. They are up to the task and open to collaboration. Hot glass is dangerous, and working with this medium requires a knowledge and particular set of skills that has been developed over centuries. The artists in the studio who will be collaborating with the Emanation artists have these skills and are adept in translating the artists’ ideas from drawings or written descriptions to the sculpture conceived by the artists.

~Julie Courtney, Curator

This web page will be updated as content from the artists becomes available. Please check back on a regular basis to see updates and process shots. Thank you. 

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