People, Place, Process

Banner for People, Place, Process, 50 years of glassmaking at WheatonArts. Two images: five transparent blue jars of varying heights (left), and four clear glass jars in unconventional shapes. Some have long necks, some have wide lids. (right).

In the Museum of American Glass

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This exhibition in the Museum of American Glass focuses on the evolution of WheatonArts as a vital arts organization! Honoring 50 years of glassmakers at the Center, visitors will discover collaborations that artfully combine vision, artifacts that serve as muse, and the tools that connect skills across time.

Looking at the history of WheatonArts as represented by the collection of the Museum of American Glass, one can see themes of creativity reflected through people, place, and process. Combined, these themes and the artworks that exemplify them, tell a story of the exploration of creativity specific to WheatonArts.

This exhibition displays artworks and artifacts from the collection of the Museum. Through these tangible pieces, we hope to convey the intangible qualities that make WheatonArts a creative sanctuary – the people who allow creativity to flourish, the place steeped in the glassmaking tradition, and the process of balancing skill with vision.

Explore each of the exhibit’s themes by hovering over the images to the right. 

Behind-the-scenes tour

Take a look at our behind-the-scenes tour of the People, Place, Process exhibition with our Director of Exhibitions and Collections, Kristin Qualls, during the pilot Museum of American Glass Virtual Program below. 



Take a Look into the Exhibit’s Theme of People



Take a Look into the Exhibit’s Theme of Place



Take a Look into the Exhibit’s Theme of Process