Allan Wexler

Allan Wexler

Headshot of Allan Wexler, participating artist in special exhibition, "Emanation 2019"

Allan Wexler has worked in the fields of architecture, design, and fine art for forty-five years.

Wexler’s career resists easy classification. In the late 1960s, he was an early member of the group of architects and artists who questioned the perceived divide between art and the design disciplines. They called themselves non-architects or paper architects.

The subject of Wexler’s work is the built environment. He creates drawings, multimedia objects, images, and installations that alter perceptions of domestic activities. He investigates eating, bathing, sitting, and socializing, and turns these everyday activities into ritual and theater. His project for WheatonArts illustrates that which is invisible – organs in the body, and the physical extensions of voice and clothing. Breathe/Breath makes permanent the breath of the glass blower who created the work.

Wexler said, “When I walked into Wheaton Glass Studio for the first time Skitch was blowing down a long tube to form a red-hot bubble from a bit of molten glass. I watched him work with gravity and centrifugal force. I watched as a solid become liquid become solid. I was hungry to try out this new crazy material. New to me that is, as an artist who works in wood and paper and plaster and ink. Mesmerized by this magical material that transforms itself so radically; Wheaton offered me a chance to be a beginner again.

Over the past year, the experience of sensual glass forms inspired this series of new works. I strive for a balance of functional and poetic. Wearable, they ambiguously refer to our body and our senses.”

~Julie Courtney, Curator

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Sneak Peek Into Wexler’s Emanation Process: