Allan Wexler

Allan Wexler

Headshot of Allan Wexler, participating artist in special exhibition, "Emanation 2019"Allan Wexler has worked in the fields of architecture, design, and fine art for forty-five years.

Wexler’s career resists easy classification. In the late 1960s he was an early member of the group of architects and artists who questioned the perceived divide between art and the design disciplines. They called themselves non-architects or paper architects. 

The subject of Wexler’s work is the built environment. He creates drawings, multimedia objects, images, and installations that alter perceptions of domestic activities. He investigates eating, bathing, sitting, and socializing, and turns these everyday activities into ritual and theater.

Amphora is one of several body worn pieces. Amphora are ancient vessels which were mostly used to transport olive oil. Sewing the straps to hang them on the body using an exaggerated button hole. Also another piece I made is tentatively called Breath which is worn and meets the mouth to make physical the concept of Breath which is how the glass form is blown. Solidifying breath / breathing and blowing. Breath is worn hung on the shoulders. Another similar form is worn as an extended of a belt around the waist. 

~Julie Courtney, Curator

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