• Brett Swenson

    Brett Swenson

  • Radiolarian Plate

    Radiolarian Plate

  • Cast Vase

    Cast Vase

  • Volcanic Fulgurite (detail)

    Volcanic Fulgurite (detail)

  • Experiments with Obsidian

    Experiments with Obsidian

Brett Swenson

  • Rui Sasaki

    Rui Sasaki

  • Being Square (2010)

    Being Square (2010)

  • Forcing Corners (2009)

    Forcing Corners (2009)

  • Room (46 corners)

    Room (46 corners)

  • I Corner I (2010)

    I Corner I (2010)

Rui Sasaki

  • Hope Rovelto

    Hope Rovelto

  • Functional vs. Non-Functional

    Functional vs. Non-Functional

  • 25lbs


  • Making Money

    Making Money

  • USA Health care

    USA Health care

Hope Rovelto

Erica Rosenfeld

Erica began beading when she was five and came to glass in her early twenties. The jewelry and sculpture that

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Sara Pitt

Sara Pitt Sara Pitt is native to Louisville, KY and a senior at the University of Louisville in the Hite

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Yuka Otani

Yuka Otani Yuka Otani is a multi media artist who explore clear materials, primarily glass, light, water, and melted sugar.

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Anna Mlasowsky

Born in 1984 in Germany, Anna Mlasowsky has undertaken the three-year academic program at Danmark's Designskole Bornholm, Center for Glass [...]
  • David King

    David King

  • Self-Portrait


  • Chan with bottles (detail)

    Chan with bottles (detail)

  • Exhale


  • Absent Minded

    Absent Minded

David King

Christopher Duffy

Christopher Duffy was born in California in 1980, but raised in the Glen Ellyn Illinois, a Chicago suburb.  Growing up [...]