Rui Sasaki

  • Rui Sasaki

    Rui Sasaki

  • Being Square (2010)

    Being Square (2010)

  • Forcing Corners (2009)

    Forcing Corners (2009)

  • Room (46 corners)

    Room (46 corners)

  • I Corner I (2010)

    I Corner I (2010)


Rui Sasaki

Rui Sasaki was born in the smallest one of the four main islands in Japan and grew up in a suburb of Tokyo. In 2002, she started studying glass in Industrial, Interior, and Craft design department at Musashino Art University in Japan that she did her BFA (2002-2006). After her BFA, she was working in an architecture museum and was making her production work with blown glass.

She came to the United States in 2007 and earned a MFA in Glass at Rhode Island School of Design in 2010. She is using glass as her physical and conceptual material. Her main investigation is cast glass in a space but also has started using her body as performance, utilizing video, and photography as a means of documentation using glass. She was in the Artist in Residence (AiR) in Sweden in the summer of 2010 and is currently in the AiR in Worcester Center for Crafts, Massachusetts.

She has been working with many glass and non-glass artists as an artist assistant. She taught at Rhode Island School of Design during her MFA and is currently teaching in Worcester Center for Crafts during her AiR. Her work has been exhibited internationally, such as Japan, Korea, Sweden, and the US. She lives and works in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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