Sara Pitt


Sara Pitt

Sara Pitt

Sara Pitt is native to Louisville, KY and a senior at the University of Louisville in the Hite Art Institute. “When I first applied for the BFA, I was stated as a focus in painting. This soon changed to drawing, and eventually to glass. Coming at glass from a 2D background has been interesting since the possibilities with glass and imagery are endless.

This past summer I went to the Pittsburgh Glass Center and took a class with Jeremy Lepisto. I’ve primarily worked in casting, but going to Pittsburgh and being exposed to fusing and imagery within glass expanded what I was interested in making dramatically.

The 2010 GAS Conference was also in Louisville, and many of the demonstrations were in the Cressman Center for Visual Arts, which is where the University of Louisville’s glass program is located. It was fantastic to be able to see and meet many of the artists I’ve admired since coming into glass.”

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