Stine Bidstrup

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Stine Bidstrup

Stine Bidstrup was born in 1982 in Copenhagen, Denmark. By the age of 18, she moved to a small island in the Baltic Sea to study glassmaking and glass design at the Glass and Ceramic School on Bornholm, which is a three-year academic program, concentrating on giving its students a thorough, in-depth understanding of the material.

After graduating, Stine returned to Copenhagen for a short period of time, before leaving for Rhode Island School of Design. She spent a year and a half in their graduate program, first completing a six-month exchange program, and then the newly established post-baccalaureate program. At RISD Stine developed a growing interest in combining glass with other media and disciplines, such as video installation, sculpture and photography. She has continued to explore how vision is intrinsically linked with the human body, and how the ephemeral qualities of glass can convey aspects of this inquiry.

Through her travels to the U.S., Stine has had the chance to work with artists such as Rachel Berwick, Jocelyne Prince, Harumi Yukutake and Jack Wax. She has been a scholarship student at Pilchuck Glass School, and recently a teaching assistant for Jeffrey Sarmiento there. She returned to Pilchuck in the fall of 2006 as an Emerging-Artist-in-Residence.

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