Leanne Williams

Leanne Williams Leanne Williams was born in Wellington New Zealand in 1966.  She attended Victoria University where she received a

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Thaddeus Wolfe

Following his graduation from The Cleveland Institute of Art in 2002, with a BFA in Glass, Thaddeus Wolfe, relocated to

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Atsuko Tajima

Atsuko Tajima lives and works in the Philadelphia, PA area. She received her BFA in Light and Glass from Alfred University in

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Maret Sarapu

Maret Sarapu (b. 1978) started her studies of glass art in Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA) in 1997.  After being

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Erica Rosenfeld

Erica began beading when she was five and came to glass in her early twenties. The jewelry and sculpture that

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Kiara Pelissier

Elaine Miles

Elaine Miles is an early career Australian glass artist working with glass and sound installations. Elaine is trained in Venetian blowing

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Valentin Manz

Valentin Manz makes mechanical sculptures out of metal, glass, and found materials.  The dominant themes in his work are chaos

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Sarah Gilbert

Sarah Gilbert’s work investigates the sensuous form of the object in its immediate capacity as materialized human history.  Objects, thus

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Moshe Bursuker

Moshe Bursuker received his BFA degree in sculpture and photography from the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford. He

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