Lobby of the Museum of American Glass in 1977

Exploring the theme of Place in the People, Place, Process exhibition

Millville Atmospheric Fruit Jars and Millville Improved, Whithall, Tatum, & Co., c.1860
Miyuki Nishiuchi, There is a Reason Why Things are the Way They Are, 2002

Referencing the Past 
South Jersey’s deep history with glass serves as a muse for our community of artists. They draw inspiration from the artistry found throughout the history of American glassmaking, preserved in the Museum’s collection. In the display, selections of contemporary pieces find their pairings with the historical artifacts that inspired them.

The Wallpaper 
WheatonArts was created in the 1970s when Bicentennial fever fueled interest in historical recreation. The Museum’s lobby was designed to mimic the feeling of a Victorian hotel. The bold, red, flocked wallpaper in this room has become a memorable image of the institution. On display in the exhibit are pieces by artists who were inspired by The Wallpaper.