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Boris Shpeizman Essay

Boris Shpeizman Fall 2006 Fellow Boris Shpeizman, a Fall, 2006 Resident Fellow at the Creative Glass Center of America, estimates [...]

Rui Sasaki Essay

Rui Sasaki Fall 2011 Fellow As many expatriates have learned, you really can’t go home — and feel at home

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Jeffrey R. Sarmiento Essay

Jeffrey R. Sarmiento Winter 2002 Fellow Jeff Sarmiento addresses universal issues through the quirky specificity of his autobiographical subject matter. [...]

Elizabeth Perkins Essay

Elizabeth Perkins 2005 Fellow When Elizabeth “Lizzie” Perkins gets interested in something, she tends to stay interested. It was love

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Erica Rosenfeld Essay

Erica Rosenfeld Spring 2007 Fellow Erica Rosenfeld believes that people ground themselves through rituals. She herself has a virtually lifelong [...]

John Paul Robinson Essay

John Paul Robinson Winter 2002 Fellow John Robinson arrived at the Creative Glass Center of America for his winter, 2002 [...]

Luisa Restrepo Essay

Luisa Restrepo Fall 2010 Fellow Luisa Restrepo, a Fall, 2010 Fellow at the Creative Glass Center of America, believes that [...]

Marie Repten Essay

Marie Repten Spring 2009 Fellow Alice in Wonderland,‖ a tale whose fantastical conceits and mingling of the marvelous and sinister

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Angus MacDiarmid Powers Essay

Angus MacDiarmid Powers Summer 2003 Fellow Angus Powers, a Summer 2003 Resident at the Creative Glass Center of America, maintained [...]