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Karin Forslund Essay

Karin Forslund Karin Forslund Spring 2014 Fellow Artist Bio>> “I’ve been making glass for eleven years. I started out as [...]

Misha Kahn Essay

Misha Kahn Fall 2013 Fellow Sociological or anthropological, the term material culture is relevant to the work of Misha Kahn, [...]

Elizabeth Swinburne Essay

Elizabeth Swinburne Winter 2005 Fellow Public figures like to “press the flesh” in a kind of minimal serial intimacy of [...]

Brett Swenson Essay

Brett Swenson 2011 Fellow “There’s part of me that’s very clean and precise and part of me that’s the opposite.

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Draga Susanj Essay

Draga Susanj Fall 2010 Fellow During her Fall 2010 Fellowship at the Creative Glass Center of America Draga Susanj worked

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Sisir Sahana Essay

Sisir Sahana Spring 2004 Fellow It is surprising to learn that Sisir Sahana is the sole artist in India who [...]

Celeste Starita Essay

Celeste Starita Spring 2002 Fellow Celeste Starita, a Spring 2002 Resident Fellow at the Creative Glass Center of America defines [...]

Maria Sparre-Petersen Essay

Maria Sparre-Petersen 2001 Fellow Danish-born Maria Sparre-Petersen wants her art to become " a conversation between me and complete strangers." [...]

Anjali Srinivasan Essay

Anjali Srinivasan Spring 2009 Fellow Anjali Srinivasan’s thinking and, consequently, her art tend to travel from the particular to the

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