Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire banner with a kid knighting a man with a toy sword.

Produced in partnership with Mystic Realms, Ltd.

June 22 & 23, 2024

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. rain or shine
A family-friendly festival of medieval folklore & fun!

Strolling costumed characters, portraying historical and mythical figures, interact with each other and visitors throughout WheatonArts both days.  Everyone is welcome to come dressed in their favorite fantasy garbs to enjoy a variety of live performances, storytellers, dancing, drumming, and sword demonstrations. Watch as colorful champions battle to save the Kingdom of Wheaton!

Fantasy Faire is included with WheatonArts General Admission. Tickets are available online and at the front gate.

$12 Adults
$11 Seniors
$7 Students
Kids 5 & under are FREE
fantasy Faire Parade of Charaters
Costumed ninja and child posing for a picture during Fantasy Faire
Fantasy Faire Witches

Meet New Friends!

Meet the Pirates from Treasure Island as they run a rickety set of Pirate Games where everyone is a winner. Collect coins and turn them in for pirate prizes. (Fee)

At the Court of Miracles, children can meet Esmeralda and other characters from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and enjoy dancing and drumming techniques by individual and troupe performers. 

Storybook characters will teach your children to sing along to many well-known children’s songs.

Join the “Kingdom of Wheaton Scavenger Hunt” and get signatures from our friendliest characters! Available at the Front Gate. Collect a Pirate Coin once you’ve completed the hunt!

Meet the King, Queen, & Barons of the Kingdom of Wheaton strolling the streets.

Get candy & treats from the not-so-wicked Grymm Witches if you dare.

Keep your eyes open for the giant walking tree!

Come dressed in your own fantasy garbs and make connections with other fun-having people of all ages! 

Learn New Skills!

Adventurer Training
Children can learn the skills of a heroic adventurer by completing various challenges. Can they avoid the webs and recover treasure from the Spider’s Lair? Will they be able to cross the Frog Pond by walking the lily pads? Can they solve the Wizards Puzzle? All these skills and more make an expert adventurer!

Spring Pole Raising & Dance 12:30 p.m. (children participate in the dance)
Come and join the traditional dance at 12:30 p.m. We ask parents to encourage younger children by holding the ribbons and dancing with them in this joyous celebration!

AXE Throwing
Feel like a Viking! With help from enthusiast instructors from Grizzly & Co, Adventure for Hire, learn how to safely throw tomahawks, Viking bearded axes, and double-bit Michigan axes! For ages 11 and older. 

Phoenix Swords Performances 
Watch these renowned performers from Phoenix Swords give authentic demonstrations of western martial arts.  Visitors may take introductory sword lessons ($5.00) throughout the day.

Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia (Saturday only!)
Watch as members from Markland re-enact medieval life by constructing and using reproductions of the period’s accouterments.

Archery in Sherwood Grove (fee-based)
Robin Hood and his merry band are visiting the Kingdom of Wheaton. They’ll teach people about archery, and you can practice your archery skills for a small donation to the band. There’s also knife and ax throwing!

Create Fused Glass Charms, Talismans, & Suncatchers (fee-based)
A charm and talisman is an object believed to bring good luck and have mystical powers. Create your charm or talisman for role-playing games or daily life. Oval pre-fused glass bases will be available to adorn with pre-cut pieces of colorful glass and frit. Once fired, we add a metal loop & lobster claw clasp to the back. Glass charms & talismans will be ready for pick up or shipped (shipping fee applies) about one week after the event. Located in the Education Studio and available for ages 5 & up (with parental assistance). This glass fusing activity has a discounted fee of $10 per charm/talisman and $20 per suncatcher.

Fantasy Faire 2019 attendees and actors participate in maypole dance with other Faire attendees admiring on the sidelines.
Fantasy Faire 2019 dancers perform in front of a crowd of attendees in front of the American Museum of Glass.
Fantasy Faire 2019 attendees dressed in fantasy costumes stand next to a life-like tree creature outdoors.
Robin Hood and his band of men
3 Fantasy Faire Cosplayers
Fantasy Faire 2019 actors perform on the green stage in front of a watching audience outdoors.
"The Misplaced Pub" on Blue Stage at Fantasy Faire
image is comprised on two images: a larger image and a smaller one layered on top of it in the top left corner. Each image shows a hot sand artist sitting at a glass blowing bench. Both artists are holding a torch in one hand and a metal rod in the other. Each torch is lit with a blue flame that turns orange as it hits the hot glass that is at the end of the rod.
Image of WheatonArts Paper Artist Cherelle sitting at a wooden table inside of the WheatonArts Paper Studio. The table has a variety of colorful sheets of paper on top of it along with markers, four small dishes of paint, and a book. Cherelle is using a small paint roller on the piece in front of her. The roller is coated in green paint. There are two people standing in front of the table watch Cherelle's demonstration.

Stage Performances

These are just a few of the many acts a day at the Kingdom of Wheaton has to offer. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from kid’s shows to educational content.

“Trouble in the Kingdom” ACTS I-V
Five stage shows take place on the Tournament Field, telling the continuing story of the Kingdom of Wheaton. A wizard named Malador the Mage has come to the Kingdom of Wheaton. He seeks employment as a Court Mage. Does the Kingdom need a court mage? The Queen seems to think so, but the Barons of the East and West are concerned. Is their trouble once again in the Kingdom of Wheaton? The show occurs every hour, beginning with the “King’s Welcome” at 11 a.m. and ending with the “Tournament of Prosperity” at 3 p.m. The 12 p.m., 1 p.m., and 2 p.m. shows develop the story. There is plotting, planning, and sword fighting in every show! If you arrive late, ask one of the costumed characters to fill you in on the details.

Grymm Witches
The Grymm Witches are a hilarious mix of Shakespeare and silliness. Join these not-so-wicked witches as they tell their own “truthful” versions of traditional fairytales. And see them at their “Potion Brewing” show, where they will once again try to save the Kingdom of Wheaton.

Whip Cracking with the Whipsy Rover
Sean, “the Whipsy Rover,” travels the Kingdom of Wheaton teaching the art of the whip. Nothing captures attention in your favorite fantasy fiction than the sound of a cracking whip – Catwoman, Zorro, Indiana Jones, and others. It’s easy to get started, so come by for a demonstration and a free lesson. Sean will have you cracking in minutes, and if you like, you can walk away with your very own whip!

Traditional Dance
This informative show explains the steps and intents behind some of the most popular dances from the Medieval and Renaissance Periods. Audience participation is encouraged!

Sing-A-Longs and Storytelling
Join your favorite storybook characters in the StoryBook grove. Shows throughout the day will have the characters singing children’s songs with audience participation. Parents and children can also listen to the characters read their favorite fairy tales with photo opportunities.

Myrtle the Cottage Witch
Join Myrtle the Cottage Witch, who has journeyed to the Kingdom of Wheaton from her home deep in the forest. With her voice and instruments, she will share songs and stories from throughout the land. Tales of fallen cities, evil queens, mighty warriors, and dangerous forests will entertain and delight listeners of all ages! 

Gold E. Locks on Trial
Gold E. Locks is on trial for breaking, entering, and destroying private property. She maintains that she meant no harm. Is she just a naughty little girl, or did something else cause the calamity of errors?

Royal Glassblowing Studio
Witness the transformation of molten hot glass into fantastical objects through collaborate demonstrations by glass artists Sukayna El Hani and Ariel Mazzola from of Hot Sand in Asbury Park.

Miniture Glass Dragons
Discover the magic of dragons and their eggs forged from fire and glass in the Flamework Studio! Watch glass artist Jason Gordon on Saturday and Annie Vasiliadis on Sunday. 

Ceramic Mushrooms & Drinking Horns
Interact with ceramic artist Phyllis Seidner in the Pottery Studio as she sculpts beautiful mushrooms from wet clay. On Saturday, ceramic artist Clint Hunter will sculpt beer steins and drinking horns. 

Uncial Calligraphy
Engage with artist Cherele Oriolo in the Paper Studio as she demonstrates an Uncial calligraphy piece with one to two simple Celtic knots. Uncial is an ancient calligraphy font, most commonly in the 4th to 8th centuries A.D. 

FREE Family Art Activities

Take a seat at the Family Art Activity Station for complimentary craft time! Recommended for ages 5 & above with parental assistance. Estimated times of 15 to 30 minutes per activity.

Fantasy Mini Figures Painting
Paint your own mini-figure for your favorite fantasy game. Combine visual art and literary art by developing your character using our provided character sheets. Which class and level is your character? Which skills do they have? What is your character’s name? 

Paper Plate Dragon Mask
Transform a simple paper plate into a fierce & fantastical dragon mask, perfect for roaming the realms of Wheaton! Make your dragon unique by adding colorful adornments like sequins, construction paper scales, glitter glue, and more! 

Crowns for Royalty
Become royalty by making your own crown to your kingdom in style! Choose from an imperial crown or a camp crown template and add plastic gems to make your crown sparkle. 

Fantasy Faire 2019 attendees participate in kids' craft activities with a Fantasy Faire actor dressed in a whimsical yellow dress and colorful butterfly wings at a tented booth outdoors. Other attendees walk passed in the background.
Fantasy Faire 2019 attendees participate in kids' craft activities with adult supervision outdoors.

Below are details from the 2023 Fantasy Faire. We will update this page with new 2024 information as it becomes available. Please check back later for updates.

Image of the Fantasy Faire performance schedule. The titles, times, and locations of each show are listed in a chart format. At 10:30 a.m., "Music & Magic Mystery Show" will be on the "Red Stage", "Big Bad Wolf" will be on the "Blue Stage", "Lady Luck & Friends" will be on the "Green Stage", "Myrtle the Witch" will be on the "Yellow Stage", "Fairy Tale Reading" will be in the "Story Grove", "Medieval Dancing" will be at the "Court of Miracles", and "Whipsy Rover" will be at "Group Shows". "Act I: Procession, King's Welcome, and the Tournament's Announcement on the Tournament Field" will be held at 11:00 a.m.. At 11:30 a.m., "Grymm Witch's Fairy Tale" will be held on the "Red Stage", "Gold E. Locks on Trial" will be held on the "Blue Stage", "The Humble Staff" will be held on the "Green Stage", "Tales from a Silver Tongue" will be on the "Yellow Stage", "Morning Tea with Mad Hatter" will be in the "Story Grove", "Silly Celestial's Puppet Show" will be at the "Court of Miracles", and "Phoenix Swords/Markland (Sat)" will be at "Group Shows". "Act II: East & West Barons Plot to Save the Kingdom on the Tournament Field" will take place at 12:00 p.m.. "Spring Pole Raising & Ribbon Dance in the Center Commons" will take place at 12:30 p.m.. "Act III: Procession & Presentation of the Champions on the Tournament Field" will take place at 1:00 p.m.. At 1:30 p.m., "Music & Magic Mystery Show" will be held on the "Red Stage", "Big Bad Wolf" will be held on the "Blue Stage", "Lady Luck & Friends" will be held on the "Green Stage", "Myrtle the Witch" will be held on the "Yellow Stage", "Afternoon Tea with Mad Hatter" will be held in the "Story Grove", "Medieval Dancing" will be held at the "Court of Miracles", and "Whipsy Rover/Markland (Sat)" will be held at "Group Shows". "Act IV: North & South Barons See Reason on the Tournament Field" will be held at 2:00 p.m.. At 2:30 p.m., "Grymm Witch's Potion Brewing" will be held on the "Red Stage", "Gold E. Locks on Trial" will be held on the "Blue Stage", "The Humble Staff" will be held on the "Green Stage", "Tales from a Silver Tongue" will be held on the "Yellow Stage", "Fairy Tale Reading" will be held in the "Story Grove", "Silly Celestial's Puppet Show" will be held at the "Court of Miracles", and "Phoenix Swords" will be held at "Group Shows". "Act V: Procession, Queen's Benediction, and Tournament of Prosperity on the Tournament Field" will be held at 3:00 p.m..

Cast Members

King William: Michael Muzzarelli
Queen Grace: Chrissie Capece Muzzarelli
Witch Hazel: Bobbi J. Kukal 
Rumplestiltskin: James Thompson
Fool: Cheyanne Stroud
Wizard: Thomas Healy
Baroness of the North: Melissa Kane
Baron of the South: Anthony Kukal
Baroness of the East: Heidi Dugan
Baron of the West: Brian Danner
Bruno the Mercenary Captain: Tanner Cossaboon
Brunhilda the Lady-in-Waiting: Rachael Smith
Tournament Master: Natasha Thompson
Champions: Mystic Realms Sword Team
Ruffians & Peasants: Phoenix Swords

Fantasy Faire Parade group photo

Feast in the Food Court

Chef Steve’s Popcorn
Creek Edge Catering & BBQ
Karen and the Nut
Top Shelf Mobile Cuisine (Sunday Only)

Meet the Merchants! (2023)

Aritimi Design Studio
August Shade Laser Crafts
Beads on Cypress
Bee Cool Honey
Big Bob’s Little Knife Shop
Calypsos Zen Garden
Cherelle Oriolo (Sat. Only)
Dopey Dragon Dry Goods
Eloise Keller
Felting in the Forest
Galactic Soup Art
Gem Bound Books
Girasol Natural Soap
Heartfelt Creations by Lisa
Henna by Drax
Hidden Leaf Treasures
Hou Tien Cheng
Juju with JewJew – Black Girl Magic
KaliMa Creations, LLC DBA Rockin Little Friends
Lodestone Games
LunaCraft Creations
Magics Happening
Murphy’s Farm Market
Nanny LaLas Dress Up Box – Upcycled and Vintage
On the Road Ministry – Rocks & Minerals
Philomena’s Rising
Quiet Chaos
Shady Exotics
Stargazer’s Customs
Samantha Bartlett Ceramics
Swashbucklers Den
The BowLady
The Penguins Pebble
The Primitive Witch
Tori’s Critters
White Cloud Therapies
Whisto LLC
Wishing Well Acres

The program schedule is subject to change. Please check back for updates.

Armchair Wizards on an outdoor stage, performing for a crowd.