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  • Susanj Draga

    Susanj Draga

Draga Susanj

Luisa Restrepo

Born in Colombia, Luisa realized her studies in England specializing in glass as her prime sculptural material. She now resides

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  • Chikako Ogawa

    Chikako Ogawa

    Chikako Ogawa

Chikako Ogawa

Solange Ledwith

A graduate of the Master’s of Art program at California State University, Fullerton, Solange Ledwith engages in exploring the avenues [...]

Saman Kalantari

Saman Kalantari was born in Shiraz in Iran in 21st  of  September 1972. He got his B.A. in foreign language

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Doreen Garner

Doreen Garner is an artist that was born and raised in Philadelphia. She began as a painter before she discovered

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Sandra DeClerck

After having completed a seven-year course in Monumental and Plastic Arts at the St. Lucas Institute (Gent, Belgium), DeClerck continued [...]