Solange Ledwith


Solange Ledwith

A graduate of the Master’s of Art program at California State University, Fullerton, Solange Ledwith engages in exploring the avenues of blending glass with video. Her focus is in capturing the rhythms and movements of the body while exploring glass in its extreme state of fragility. She finds pleasure in working with glass in a cellophane-like state, as she is both challenged by the delicacy of plastic-like material, and impressed with its counter-intuitive strength.More recently, she has been using the glass as a screen to project her video. Infatuated with finding ways to get as physically close to the molten material without being harmed, she has also engaged in a few performance pieces involving hot glass. Solange seeks to create an elegant design for common tableware that accentuates the home by cross-breeding the delicate touch of an off-hand Venetian style of working and a Scandinavian design.

Solange now resides in her LA studio space, where she spends most of her time working on her glass design, assemblage, and video editing.

Critic Residency Essay by Robin Rice

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