Tadeáš Podracký

  • Fruits of Eden - Tadeas Podracky

    Fruits of Eden - Tadeas Podracky

    I created the Fruits of Eden, a unique crystal work of art, for Moser exhibition Le isola dei tesori which is part of the Milan Designweek 2015. It processes the unwavering morphology of the vessel. The entire collection was inspired by the gourd shape as the archetype; this is reflected in vases and vessels across the history of world cultures. The gourd shape transferred into glass evokes a feeling of beautiful, perfect, organic of nature, which is shaped by its immediate surroundings as it grows. I used a combination of free glass blowing with cut crystal blocks. Both are counterparts of glass processing, so react to one another and permeate in one harmonious whole. L54 x w30 x h30cm, 38x38x40cm, 33x20x25cm 2015

  • Towers - Tadeas Podracky

    Towers - Tadeas Podracky

    The winning design of the "Ludwig Moser Award 2012“ contest of talented artists in the category of colleges 2012

  • Tadeas Podracky - Bust

    Tadeas Podracky - Bust

    In Installations work, I deal with artifact. I created the installations where I used glass object and other media. Main idea in this work was to changed context of my glass objects, so as to become the clear part of the whole work of art. I began to ask questions such a can be design and artwork merged when they is dealing ideas or inspiration own for High arts. Why is common division of these objects for design and art. Which emotions and associations I can evoke using these everyday objects in art. In my installations is important the rule - each artifact is developing the context of the other artefact. I wanted to create a system of individual influences in the installation, which interact with each other and together give a whole. 2013

Tadeáš Podracký

Tadeas Podracky Headshot

Tadeáš Podracký born in 1989 in Czech republic is young artist, designer, creative personality and glass enthusiast with a passion for arts and crafts. With an academic training in the fine and applied art he builds his artwork on blurry borders of these two fields. His unique approach to work based on comprehensive historical and material research already built him his significant style recognized around the world. Craft skills and respect for the traditional heritage of glass manufacturing in combination with contemporary aesthetic and themes makes from Podracký visionary who can sensitively bring into glass new possibilities and meanings in today life. Despite he is known for large generous artistic glass objects, his range of interest also includes product design disciplines such as tableware, tabletops, lighting or furniture. Podracký developed many interesting projects in collaboration with famous companies. In monumental objects named Dioscuri manufactured in Moser glassworks he brings a combination of colored glass with leather and precious woods. Every project from Podracký’s body of work is extremely creative and open to different kinds of disciplines. This attitude allows him to find interesting points of view in every piece of his artwork.