Robert and Sarah Beck

Robert and Sarah Beck

Headshot of Sarah Beck smiling. Symbiotic Spheres exhibiting artist.
Black and white picture of Robert Beck painting. Symbiotic Spheres exhibiting artist.

Sarah Max Beck’s body of work builds on and explores symbiotic, closed-loop human nutrient systems; redefining waste as a resource; and comments, often wryly, on the parallels of current elective human influence on the planet as a parasitic infection of a host. Her background in agriculture became tangled up with her sculpture degree until her creative practice with compost, resource recovery, fermentation, permaculture and post-consumer plastics skittered into the realm of bioart, where it now feels at home.

System based installations, survival, biological awareness and new media research intertwine in the artwork of Robert C. Beck. The hybridization of materials, process, science, and technology yields a drunken distillation of data from biological experiments with living organic matter. This whirling non-static investigation of metabolism, respiration, replication, and decay is the window through with Beck seeks to define his art.

Robert and Sarah Beck are co-founders of studioHydrostatic, a collaborative bioresearch lab located in Brooklyn, NY. His work appears in museums, as well as public and private collections, including City of Winter Park, Florida, The Charles Homer Morse Museum of American Art, the Museum of Florida Art, Rollins College and the Timucua Arts Foundation.