Hugo Bastidas

Hugo Bastidas is a Brooklyn based artist known for black and white paintings that imitate the effect of grisaille and [...]

Elizabeth Demaray

Elizabeth Demaray is a Brooklyn based artist who focuses on the interface between the built and the natural environment. Her [...]

John Hogan

John Hogan is an artist and designer in Seattle working predominantly in glass. His creative approach has always involved playful [...]

Eve Andrée Laramée

Eve Andrée Laramée has dedicated her creative work and research to exploring the subtle historical and social dimensions between artistic [...]

Simon Klenell

Simon Klenell is an artist working primarily in blown glass. His practice is based on investigating themes around making, material [...]

Leo Tecosky

Leo Tecosky, deconstructs iconography through an impressive range of glassmaking techniques. From graffiti letters etched with Islamic patterns to hot-sculpted, [...]

Richard Marquis

Mr. Marquis has been working with glass since before the Beatles broke up. He studied at the University of California [...]

Robert and Sarah Beck

Sarah Max Beck's body of work builds on and explores symbiotic, closed-loop human nutrient systems; redefining waste as a resource; [...]

Zac Weinberg

Zac Weinberg’s projects address the systems by which we interpret and allocate status to objects. His glass and mixed media [...]