Native American Art: Dream Catcher

Native American Dream Catcher

Native American Art: Dream Catcher
October 24, Saturday
2pm to 4pm


Location: Education/Folklife Center
Ages: 16+
Class Limit: 12

Class Fee: $20, Materials Fee: $20 (includes: leather suede cord, glue bottle, sinew, needle, and feathers)

Registration Closing: October 15

In this class students will learn the story of the Spider Woman and the origin of the dream catcher. The instructor will explain its meanings, sacred values, artistry and usage by the Native American people today, while leading the class through the creative process. Students will learn techniques of wrapping, webbing, and decorating the ring and will have their own finished dream catcher by the end of the class. Students will also learn how to smudge it and the meaning of the Native American smudging ceremony as related to sacred artworks, people or places. All levels are welcome!

Instructor: Mark “Artic Lone Wolf” Boardley Sr.