Nate Ricciutto

  • Examples of Opposition Effect (installation view), 2015

    Examples of Opposition Effect (installation view), 2015

    Mirrors, blown glass, water, structolite, spray painted carpet, aluminum tape, aluminum, tarp, prismatic diffusers, lights, epoxy, electric motors, mixed media Dimensions Variable

  • Circulation Effect, 2015

    Circulation Effect, 2015

    Fluorescent lights, electric motor, wood, blown glass, water, mirror, printed images, aluminum tape, aluminum, tree branch, epoxy Dimensions Variable

  • Blind Spots (detail view), 2015

    Blind Spots (detail view), 2015

    Oak Cabinet, mirror, glass, structolite, rocks, foam, electric motor, tracing on vellum, lights, wood, aluminum tape, television lens, mixed media 150cm x 180cm x 150cm

Nate Ricciutto

Nate Ricciuto Head shot

Nate Ricciuto (b. 1984) is an artist living and working in Columbus, OH. His absurd and imaginative systems and objects utilize instances of creative problem solving in constructing situations that reconsider the relationship between craft, technology and intuition. Nate earned an MFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, where he was the recipient of a University Fellowship. He holds a BFA from The Ohio State University and has been selected as a teaching assistant at schools such as Pilchuck Glass School and Oxbow Summer School of Art. Nate’s work has been featured in the Corning Museum of Glass’s New Glass Review, and he continues to exhibit across the United States. He has previously been a Visiting Lecturer at The Ohio State University, Adjunct Faculty at Tyler School of Art, and a member of the Board of Trustees of Glass Axis Non-Profit Studio and Gallery.