Make-Your-Own: Hot Glass

Bill Wheaton Working on Glass Piece

MAKE-YOUR-OWN: Hot Glass Experiences
Saturdays & Sundays
10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

A Studio Assistant assists a WheatonArts guest during a Make-Your-Own experience.
A glass studio make-your-own experience instructor, on the left in a black shirt, is assisting a man in a blue shirt, on the right, in covering the glass on the end of his rod with color.
30-Minute Sessions for Ages 16+
Call 856.825.6800, ext. 152, to schedule a Make-Your-Own Experience.
Please email us with any questions at

With the expert guidance of one of our teaching glass artists, shape hot molten glass into a beautiful paperweight or blown form! Your instructor will help you select your colors and design and guide you through the process of shaping hot glass into your own work of art.

All programs are hands-on, one-on-one experiences available for anyone 16 years of age or older (minors require a parent/guardian’s signature). Participants will receive a complimentary pass for the day. Anyone wishing to accompany you to watch your experience must purchase a general admission ticket.  *There are a limited number of MYO slots offered each month. Call now to book your appointment.

Participant Safety Information:

    • Protective eyewear is required and provided. 
    • Participants and guests must wear closed-toed shoes (no sandals) and natural fibers. 100% cotton is recommended. 
    • Long pants are required, even in the summer months. Long sleeves are encouraged.
    • No jewelry or acrylic nails are permitted.
    • Long hair must be tied back away from the face.
A clear air-trap paperweight with a large blue ink-like bubble at the top, is a possible creation of the air-trap paperweight make-your-own experience.

Make-Your-Own Options:

Air Trap Paperweight – $80
Make an Air Trap Paperweight using historic antique molds unique to WheatonArts! Choose your color, add it to a mold, and discover the secret of creating these organic shapes. Additional Shipping Cost: $15

A blue paperweight with a swirl pattern on it's surface is used to promote the swirl paperweight make-your-own experience.

Swirl Paperweight – $80
Combine colorful glass frits, gravity, and glassblowing tools to twist colors together, creating a complex pattern. Encase your swirled design in clear glass, transforming it into a unique paperweight. Additional Shipping Cost: $15

This detailed five-petal flower paperweight with a large green stem in the middle, attached to five large pink petals and above several tiny bubbles, is a possible creation of the five-petal flower paperweight make-your-own experience.

New! Five-Petal Flower Paperweight – $180 
Created as a “next step” for people who have already taken a MYO class, or as a challenge for beginners, the five-petal flower paperweight uses an antique flower mold. Work with a studio artist to learn the secrets behind sculpting a three-dimensional flower encased in layers of glass. Choose your colors, design your form, and shape molten glass into a large paperweight. Due to the complex nature of this process, the five-petal flower paperweight is an hour-long session. Additional Shipping Cost: $15

A deep blue tumbler with a spackle pattern and several light bubbles is one possible creation in the tumbler make-your-own experience.

Glass Tumbler – $100 
Whether it’s your favorite wine, beer, or iced tea, this is the perfect way to enjoy your cold beverage of choice on a hot summer day! Our staff will help you create a glass tumbler to show off to your friends at the next backyard barbecue. Sip in style from a unique glass designed and made by you! Additional Shipping Cost: $18

A light blue glass bowl is to the right of a yellow, orange spotted vase. Both are possible creations in the bowl/vase make-your-own experience.

Blown Glass Bowl or Vase – $120
Using traditional glassmaking tools, learn the fundamentals of glassblowing by creating a palm-sized bowl or bud vase. Pick your favorite color combination and learn how to shape your object with the guidance of our instructors to make a vessel perfect for snacking or displaying flowers. Additional Shipping Cost: $20

An orange glass pumpkin with a light green stem is used to promote the glass pumpkin make-your-own experience.

Glass Pumpkin – $95 
Few can resist the iconic power and beauty of the glass pumpkin—fun to make and so captivating to behold! Autumn’s harvest can be yours all year long when made with your own hands. Our staff will guide you through the steps of creating your unique glass pumpkin design. Visit the Glass Studio to glimpse the variety of glass pumpkins you can make for the season! Additional Shipping Cost: $20

Two pink & clear ornaments are side by side. The one on the left has specks of color and has a crackle effect over its surface. The right has a swirl pattern.

Glass Ornament – $70
Ornaments are such a simple but beautiful way to express the holiday season! There are as many unique possibilities for glass ornaments as there are their makers. Create your very own beautiful holiday ornament with the guidance of the WheatonArts staff. You will be so proud to display it in your home for a lifetime of memories or as a meaningful gift for family or friends. Let us show you the possibilities of making the holiday bright through this specialized experience. Additional Shipping Cost: $15

Prices are subject to change without notice.
Each object is handmade and may not look identical to the sample objects.
WheatonArts cannot be held responsible for minor flaws that may occur during the annealing process. 

Cancelation Policy: A $25.00 fee will be charged to those who do not show up for their appointment. We require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment; otherwise, it will be considered a no-show, except in the case of illness. Are you feeling unwell or showing symptoms of COVID-19? Please stay home. Appointments can be rescheduled by phone or email. 

Lateness Policy: Participants who show up fifteen minutes or more after the start of their slot will be charged the $25.00 cancellation fee and will forfeit their class.

GIFT CARDS are available in the Arthur Gorham Paperweight Shop and online.
For more information, call 856.825.6800 ext. 152.
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WheatonArts will provide assistive services upon request. Individuals needing special assistance or accommodations should contact us at least two weeks in advance. WheatonArts strives to ensure the accessibility of its exhibitions, events, and programs to all persons with disabilities.