Fukunishi Takeshi


Fukunishi Takeshi

Fukunishi Takeshi learned the technique of metal-craft in Osaka University of Arts, and he graduated in 1990.
He began his studies at the Toyama City Institute of Glass Art in 1991, where he met American glass artist Jack Wax. At the Institute, Takeshi learned glass blowing and other techniques. He graduated from Toyama City Institute of Glass Art in 1993. Takeshi’s graduation work was chosen for a collection at the Institute, where he later worked as an assistant for four years.

In 1994, Takeshi learned the Italian technique from Lino Tagliapietra in Haystack Mountain School of Craft. Then, in 1995, he participated in Niijima International Glass Art Festival and acted as Benjamin Moore’s assistance. In Niijima, Takeshi also worked as an assistant for Benjamin Edols (2001), Massimo Nordio (2002), Dante Marioni (2004), Davide Salvadore (2005), John De Wit (2006), Bruce Chao (2007), Anthony Schafermeyer (2008), Randy Walker (2009), Mark Petrovic (2010) and David Schwarz (2011). Takeshi also adopted a new technique in existing kiln work which has been shown in multiple exhibitions.

Besides production activity, Takeshi has had experience in workshops around the world. He believes there is an ability to bring about a new work by wrestling with a different technique in a new environment.

Critic Residency Essay by Robin Rice

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