Current CGCA Fellows

  • Piscatoribus Sacrum, 2012

    Piscatoribus Sacrum, 2012

    Blown glass, steel & wood
  • Wedge, 2010

    Wedge, 2010

    Laminated & carved glass with wood
  • What's Left Behind, 2013

    What's Left Behind, 2013

    Blown glass & evaporated saltwater
  • Glass Slides, 2016

    Glass Slides, 2016

    3-D modeled, kiln-formed glass & wood

Wil Sideman

  • Shifting Countenance

    Shifting Countenance

    2015 matte inkjet print depicting model wearing a flameworked borosilicate glass mask dimensions for mask: 9.5” x 7” x 4.5” dimensions for print: 32 x 24

  • The Most Unkind Morsels of the Self Removed (detail)

    The Most Unkind Morsels of the Self Removed (detail)

    2016 found denim jacket, blown glass shards, gaffer tape, safety pins denim jacket: women’s size medium, installation dimensions variable

  • She Told Me Life Was Infinite II

    She Told Me Life Was Infinite II

    2016 paracord, blown and hot sculpted glass 1 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft

Victoria Ahmadizadeh

  • Call and Response

    Call and Response

    Gaffer Frit 2012 7 ½”x 2 ½x 1 ½” The first in a series based on previous paper-cut work. This piece deals with relationships of symbols and symmetry.

  • Pom-Pom Tower

    Pom-Pom Tower

    Pom-poms, glass 2015 3’x 1’x1’ Part of a collaborative installation with Pam Sabroso at the Pelham Arts Center in New York consisting of several pom-pom covered pedestals, floor lamps, and hanging sculptures.

  • Centerpiece Triptych 2

    Centerpiece Triptych 2

    Mold blown and freehand blown glass 2016 Dimensions vary Another example of a combination created for the Urban Glass Gala.

Alison Siegel