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Learn to take your crayon rubbings to the next level during this family art activity. Frottage is a surrealist creative

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Romina Gonzales

Romina Gonzales is a Peruvian interdisciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Her work exists between the gaps [...]

Sarah Max Beck

Sarah Max Beck was born in Tacoma, Washington in 1984. Beck’s body of work mostly builds on symbiotic, closed-loop human [...]

Richard Royal

Richard Royal, a native of the Northwest, is recognized internationally as one of the most skilled and talented glassblowers in [...]

Allan Wexler

Allan Wexler has worked in the fields of architecture, design, and fine art for forty-five years. Wexler’s career resists easy classification.

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Richard Torchia

Richard Torchia, a curator and artist, is director of Arcadia University Art Gallery, where he has organized solo exhibitions for Ai

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