Facilities and Supplies

The following is an up-to-date list of equipment and supplies that WheatonArts has to offer renters and CGCA Fellowship Artists. Click here to view the rental rates.

600 lb. clear furnace
500 lb. clear or color furnace (limited availability upon request)

A total of 21 ANNEALING OVENS in the following configurations:
13 top loading ovens (all elements are mounted in side walls only):
49”D x 37”L x 25”H inside dim.
34”D x 33”L x 27”H inside dim.
35”D x 62”L x 42”H inside dim.
35”D x 62”L x 19”H inside dim.
35”D x 62”L x 31”H inside dim.
52”D x 30”L x 18”H inside dim.
18”D x 27”L x 33”H inside dim.
35”D x 61”L x 27”H inside dim.
35”D x 23”L x 19.5”H inside dim.
24”D x 35”L x 24.5”H inside dim.
45”D x 33”L x 16”H inside dim.
45”D x 33”L x 16”H inside dim.
31.25″D x 45″L x 31″H  inside dim.
1 X-Large Bell Car Kiln (side mounted elements)
48″ D x 72″L x 24″H
6 Front loading ovens
Annealing for blown/solidworked/hot cast only
(all elements are mounted in side walls only):
36”D x 34”L x 40”H inside dim.
45”D x 56”L x 41”H inside dim.
23”D x 36”L x 33”H inside dim.
23”D x 36”L x 33”H inside dim.
18”D x 27”L x 22”H inside dim.
23”D x 36”L x 28”H inside dim.

1 electric pick-up oven inside dim. 16”L x 16”D x 6”H
with Love controller
2 gas fired garages
1 gas fired hot plate (10” x 20”)
2 gas fired pipe warmers

Glory Holes:
10” ID, 19” depth portable glory hole (single 6” door)
13.5” ID, 30” depth glory hole (6.5”, 10” layered doors)
13.5” ID, 30” depth glory hole (6.5”, 10” layered doors)
20.5” ID, 34” depth glory hole (6.5”, 15” layered doors)
20” ID, 35” depth glory hole (6.5”, 15” layered doors)

Benches with tool tables + work stations
Marvers – NO Casting on Marvers
43”L x 21”W x 26”H
45”L x 19”W x 27”H
48”L x 18”W x 23”H
40”L x 15”D x 26”H
23.5”L x 13.5”D x 26”H
24”L x 18”D x 26”H
62”L x 38”W x 25”H
1 lampworking station w/ a Carlisle CC Burner
2 Manual Pipe Coolers
Compressed air
3 Propane torches
3 Map Gas torches
1 Premix oxy-propane torch w/ 2 head sizes
*Temporarily Unavailable

Coldworking Equipment
2 flat grinding wheels:
80 grit, 29” dia. head, 9 1/2” grinding surface
320 grit, 48” dia. head, 18” grinding surface
Felt wheel station – approx. 3 1/2” wide, 12” dia.
Horse Hair Pumice wheel station – 2 1/2” wide, 16” dia.
Belt sander – 106” length, 4” assorted wide belts
2 Reciprolaps
Sandblaster – inside dim. 36”L x 26”D x 27”H
120 grit Alumina Oxide
w/ Lazy Susan 24” dia.
(no lazy susan, siphon feed gun)
Covington Self-feeding Diamond saw – 24” dia. blade
Heavy Duty Circular Diamond saw – 12”-24”dia. blade
Lathe with diamond grinding wheels 4”, 6”
1 drill press with diamond core bits (limited supply)
20” round Glastar diamond lap wheel, course + prepolish

Fabrication Studio
Lincoln Ranger-8, generator/welder
Millermatic 210 mig welder with side-spool and gas
Main spool set up for common steel
Side spool set up for stainless steel
Oxy-acetelene cutting and welding combo-torch
36”X84” steel table
workbench w/ vice and bench grinder
assorted clamps
small anvil (20”)
2 small fabrication tables
Metal Chop Saws

Mold Shop for plaster, clay and wax
3 97”L x 49”W x 36”H mold tables on wheels
3 portable wax steamers
2 large wax melting pots

Glass Casting Equipment
Silver casting suits, including jackets and hooded
face shields
Assorted Casting Ladles
Color Hopper (for quenching ladles)
Metal casting pans partial listing (outside
dimensions of varying gage steel):  L x W x H:
22 x 22 x 12 – 2, 28 x 28 x 10, 36 x 20 x 7 – 2,
26 x 26 x 5 – 2, 34 x 22 x 5, 24 x 24 x 5,
45 x 25 x 6, 31 x 26 x 5, 14 x 11 x 6,
13 x 12 x 5, 14 x 14 x 4, 18 x 18 x 12,
13 diameter, 7 h – 4, 13 diameter, 11 h – 2
Casting Table on wheels 21”L x 12”W x 23”H
Steel Table on wheels

rolling heat shields for all glory holes
rolling yolks for all glory holes
2 Threading Yolks
2 T Pipe Hangers
Frit mortar and pestle, Glass Rod chopper

Cane Ladders  Early 19th century cast iron molds and hand-operated pressing machines
Large Stationary Stairs
2 sets of small wheelable stairs
2 Batch Dollies 54”L x 27”W
3 Freight Dollies 60”L x 30”W
10 Wheeled Sculpture Carts 24”L x 24”W x 5”H
10 Wheeled Heavy Duty Sculpture Carts with storage
shelves (Varying sizes)
Fork Lift (registered operators -ask someone)
Pallet Jack
2 Shop Vacs/ Brooms/ Dust Pans
3-bar Gram Scale and Digital Scale
Assorted items: kiln shelves and brick, rubber aprons
and boots, fans, funnels, scrap metal, fiber frax
blanket, scrap wood  Sound System w/ CD Player
Woodworking shop, limited use

SPRUCE PINE 87 Soda Lime Crystal with Erbium
Melting point of batch                    2400 F approx.
Annealing point of furnace glass   900 F approx.
Charging and melting cycle approx. 14 hrs. approx.
COE 96

Prior to your arrival we will be in contact with you.  Please have a list ready with any materials you need, include those you plan to use from the lists below and any you are bringing with you.

With advance notice, we can provide for purchase:
Silica Flour
Clay, Wax
Packing supplies (bubble wrap, peanuts, boxes)
Buttercut sandblast resist

*Supplies you should bring:

colorants for color melting
clamps for mold making
safety glasses
gloves, leather and Kevlar
All hand tools- hot shop and non-hot shop
Blowpipes and punties
Any and all supplies you need not listed above.