Fellowship Program History & Info

Creative Glass Fellowship Program

Since 1983, the Creative Glass Fellowship Program (formerly known as the Creative Glass Center of America) at Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center has awarded fellowships to artists, providing resources for them to develop and refine their work while experimenting with both traditional and innovative processes involving glass as a medium.

In response to the changing needs of artists due to continued economic uncertainty and the increasing difficulty of leaving jobs, families and studios, in 2015 the Fellowship Program restructured a portion of the year to accommodate flexible, short-term and project-based residencies. This shift also responds, in part, to the strategic goal of WheatonArts to better serve artists while more fully integrating their activity with the visitor experience.

Up to four traditional 3-month fellowships may be awarded in the Spring. During the remainder of the year, WheatonArts will work to accommodate artists’ needs with custom fellowships of various lengths and flexible schedules. In addition to the 3-month residency, artists are encouraged to submit proposals ranging from standard six-week residencies (up to 3 to be awarded), to intermittent residencies (scheduled repeat visits), to short-term project support. Applicants are also encouraged to submit projects that include performance based work, short-term exhibits/installations and use of the Museum of American Glass resources.

Due to the anticipated range of proposals, other than the Spring session, exact session dates will not be determined until after the peer-review jury concludes and projects/residencies are carefully aligned with studio and housing capacity. Short-term project-based residencies will be selected with preference for self-sufficient artists/teams and the public benefit offered.

The Fellowships scheduled for Spring will be available to artists who have never been awarded a Creative Glass Fellowship in the past. Former Fellows are welcome to apply for short-term and/or project-based residencies three years from the year they resided as a Creative Glass Fellow. The application is simple and the peer-review jury process exceedingly sensitive and fair. Up to ten Fellowships are awarded per year and the there is no charge for the application fee.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the related postponement of all artist residencies in 2020 and early 2021, WheatonArts has paused accepting new Fellowship applications. In late 2021 and 2022, we will honor our commitments to the four Fellows originally scheduled for 2020, as well as most artists participating in our 50th Anniversary Visiting Artist Series.

The Selection Process

WheatonArts is committed to the practice of an artist peer review process when selecting fellowship recipients. Applications are generally due mid-fall; the due date will be announced with the posting of each year’s application. Past jurors have included James Harmon, Karen LaMonte, John Miller, Deborah Czeresko, Joel Philip Myers, Michael Schunke, Beth Lipman, Erica Rosenfeld, Jocelyne Prince, Alex Rosenberg, and Megan Biddle.

The Glass Studio

Housed in a 3,000 sq. ft. replica of the original T.C. Wheaton Glass Factory, the Glass Studio is designed to accommodate a wide variety of glass making techniques. The Studio contains a plaster mold-making area and individual studio spaces for Fellows. The facility includes a large number of annealing ovens; each is built specifically for blowing, casting or kiln forming.

During their Fellowships, artists have the use of private studios and excellent facilities within a respectful sanctuary of concentrated time. This is an exceptional opportunity for artists to utilize one of the finest facilities of the glass medium, known internationally. Not only do artists get exceptional access to these facilities and various process mediums, but they also receive stipends, the use of private studios, technical assistance, comfortable housing and institutional support. In addition, they are embraced by a dedicated and warm staff, all on a beautiful 45+ acre campus that is truly a creative sanctuary.