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  • Element: Banded Strattite Cluster

    Element: Banded Strattite Cluster

    Glass, Clay, Polymer and Wool The glass crystals are made through fused strip-construction. The yellow spores are flame-worked beads. All of the parts are sewn into the felted wool core. 7”h x 6.5”w 2015

  • Element: Spotted Quartz Glass

    Element: Spotted Quartz Glass

    This is made of fused layers of sheet glass that is then carved. 4”h x 6”l x 4.5”w 2015

  • Rachel Rader

    Rachel Rader

  • Examples of Opposition Effect (installation view), 2015

    Examples of Opposition Effect (installation view), 2015

    Mirrors, blown glass, water, structolite, spray painted carpet, aluminum tape, aluminum, tarp, prismatic diffusers, lights, epoxy, electric motors, mixed media Dimensions Variable

  • Circulation Effect, 2015

    Circulation Effect, 2015

    Fluorescent lights, electric motor, wood, blown glass, water, mirror, printed images, aluminum tape, aluminum, tree branch, epoxy Dimensions Variable

  • Blind Spots (detail view), 2015

    Blind Spots (detail view), 2015

    Oak Cabinet, mirror, glass, structolite, rocks, foam, electric motor, tracing on vellum, lights, wood, aluminum tape, television lens, mixed media 150cm x 180cm x 150cm

  • Prayer Crate

    Prayer Crate

    Cast Liturgical Candles Here, I hand-cast blessed liturgical candles into a milk-crate, representing people's prayers being manifested into what I consider to be the most useful and democratic object of storage and transportation. Size: 1’x1’x1’ 2014

  • Covering (The Space Between)

    Covering (The Space Between)

    Glass Shards Collected from the Streets of Philadelphia, Carpet

  • Ecstacy - Morgan Gilbreath

    Ecstacy - Morgan Gilbreath

    Found and Reconstructed Trophies; 2013

  • Victory, 2014

    Victory, 2014

    Recycled Bottles Cut, Kiln-Fused, and Hot-Manipulated In this experiment, I dissected discarded beer bottles into sections and fused them together in a kiln. I then took it out of the kiln at a molten state, and let the glass naturally stretch, separate, and sag - thus resulting in a three-dimensional, twisting, wing-like sculpture. Size: Approx. 1’x1’x2’ 2014

  • Ceiling Prototype by Gustavo Crembil

    Ceiling Prototype by Gustavo Crembil

  • Ceiling Prototype by Gustavo Crembil

    Ceiling Prototype by Gustavo Crembil

  • Pseudospheric Operations

    Pseudospheric Operations

  • Tres Tetas

    Tres Tetas

  • The Pleasure Garden

    The Pleasure Garden

Eric Fischl
Eric Fischl is an internationally acclaimed American painter and sculptor and is considered one of the most important figurative artists [...]  0
  • Amethyst Panasonic

    Amethyst Panasonic

    2015, kiln cast glass, 12”x15”x5”

  • Cream VHS Cartridge

    Cream VHS Cartridge

  • Lost Signal

    Lost Signal

    2015, kiln cast and cold worked glass and silver stain, 15”x8”x6”
  • Walker


    2014 Fused glass, Colored glass powders, carved and painted wood

  • They Saw His Gun

    They Saw His Gun

    2014 Plate Glass, Photo transfers, Aircraft cable, Ikea hardware

  • Who are you?

    Who are you?

    Created with the general public at the Reading Public Museum Reading, PA, 2004 Plate glass, windows, doors, paint, found objects, adhesive

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  • Marian Van Buren

    Marian Van Buren

  • Marian Van Buren

    Marian Van Buren

  • Marian Van Buren

    Marian Van Buren

  • Testo-Candle, 2017 by Jes Fan

    Testo-Candle, 2017 by Jes Fan

    Medium: Depo-Testosterone, wax, candle wick, silicone Description: Sex hormones, something that is seen as the material substrate of masculinity, is again playfully turned into a product. In this series, I wanted to allegorize gender as a craft, a combination of repetitive labour, process and technique.
  • Soft Goods I, 2017 by Jes Fan

    Soft Goods I, 2017 by Jes Fan

    Dimensions: 22x28 Medium: Digital Inkjet Print Description: I casted a slipper in prosthetic silicone, in a default flesh-tone pigment, the shade of pink that is synonymous with all skin. Slipping on, slipping out, fitting in, fitting not, once removed from limbs, collapses back to its original shape.