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  • Examples of Opposition Effect (installation view), 2015

    Examples of Opposition Effect (installation view), 2015

    Mirrors, blown glass, water, structolite, spray painted carpet, aluminum tape, aluminum, tarp, prismatic diffusers, lights, epoxy, electric motors, mixed media Dimensions Variable

  • Circulation Effect, 2015

    Circulation Effect, 2015

    Fluorescent lights, electric motor, wood, blown glass, water, mirror, printed images, aluminum tape, aluminum, tree branch, epoxy Dimensions Variable

  • Blind Spots (detail view), 2015

    Blind Spots (detail view), 2015

    Oak Cabinet, mirror, glass, structolite, rocks, foam, electric motor, tracing on vellum, lights, wood, aluminum tape, television lens, mixed media 150cm x 180cm x 150cm

  • Prayer Crate

    Prayer Crate

    Cast Liturgical Candles Here, I hand-cast blessed liturgical candles into a milk-crate, representing people's prayers being manifested into what I consider to be the most useful and democratic object of storage and transportation. Size: 1’x1’x1’ 2014

  • Covering (The Space Between)

    Covering (The Space Between)

    Glass Shards Collected from the Streets of Philadelphia, Carpet

  • Ecstacy - Morgan Gilbreath

    Ecstacy - Morgan Gilbreath

    Found and Reconstructed Trophies; 2013

  • Victory, 2014

    Victory, 2014

    Recycled Bottles Cut, Kiln-Fused, and Hot-Manipulated In this experiment, I dissected discarded beer bottles into sections and fused them together in a kiln. I then took it out of the kiln at a molten state, and let the glass naturally stretch, separate, and sag - thus resulting in a three-dimensional, twisting, wing-like sculpture. Size: Approx. 1’x1’x2’ 2014

  • Ceiling Prototype by Gustavo Crembil

    Ceiling Prototype by Gustavo Crembil

  • Ceiling Prototype by Gustavo Crembil

    Ceiling Prototype by Gustavo Crembil

  • Pseudospheric Operations

    Pseudospheric Operations

  • Tres Tetas

    Tres Tetas

  • The Pleasure Garden

    The Pleasure Garden

Eric Fischl
Eric Fischl is an internationally acclaimed American painter and sculptor and is considered one of the most important figurative artists [...]  0
  • Amethyst Panasonic

    Amethyst Panasonic

    2015, kiln cast glass, 12”x15”x5”

  • Cream VHS Cartridge

    Cream VHS Cartridge

  • Lost Signal

    Lost Signal

    2015, kiln cast and cold worked glass and silver stain, 15”x8”x6”
  • Walker


    2014 Fused glass, Colored glass powders, carved and painted wood

  • They Saw His Gun

    They Saw His Gun

    2014 Plate Glass, Photo transfers, Aircraft cable, Ikea hardware

  • Who are you?

    Who are you?

    Created with the general public at the Reading Public Museum Reading, PA, 2004 Plate glass, windows, doors, paint, found objects, adhesive

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  • Marian Van Buren

    Marian Van Buren

  • Marian Van Buren

    Marian Van Buren

  • Marian Van Buren

    Marian Van Buren

  • Mirrors


    Silvered Porcelain, Pyrex Glass, Glass Tank, Mineral Oil. A found Victorian mirror is casted into porcelain and duplicated into contorted forms. These forms are then mirrorized with silver. They are balanced on pyrex glass stilts, submerged in a tank of mineral oil. Manipulating the transparency of glass and its same refractive index as mineral oil, the mirrors appears to be floating and defying gravity. As objects, they symbolizes an idenity in flux, reluctant to give any stable reflection. 40”x9”x52” 2014

  • Mirrors (Close Up)

    Mirrors (Close Up)

    Silvered Porcelain, Pyrex Glass, Glass Tank, Mineral Oil. Submerged in oil, the mirrors appear to be a solid cast of glass. Yet, optically, the glass case internally reflects and refracts. The opticality of the mineral oil creates and infinite reflection of the mirrors and a surreal optical dimension. What is the reflectio of a mirror? 40”x9”x52” 2014

  • I is another, and always in multiples, Two

    I is another, and always in multiples, Two

    Mold Blown Glass. This is half of my head, deflated and repeated as a whole via the mirror reflection. The deflation is deliberated by sucking in after inflating the hot blow mold. 8”x5”3.5” 2013

  • An Accident

    An Accident

    Glass. Via a traffic accident occurred on a road crossing, the art portrays four damaged vehicles broke down at the picturesque, snowy scenery, suggesting the incompatible conflict between reality and imagination, rule-breaking and order. 59" 74" 74" inches. 2010

  • Dromotopia (collaboration with Tivon Rice)

    Dromotopia (collaboration with Tivon Rice)

    Cast glass, video projection and sound. 250 driving scenes from movies are projected upon the windshields of 5 glass cars. Organized by duration, these clips are constantly mixed and reassembled to emulate the diverse tempos in scenes from Tati’s Traffic, Godard’s Breathless, and Tarkovsky’s Solaris. 48" 8" 12" inches. 2013

  • A yellow line

    A yellow line

    Scrap auto parts. Description: Both flat road and clear dividing line failed to prevent tragic accidents. Whether the passers could introspect the chain reaction of order disregard when they saw this artificial arrangement at the accident site. 24" 237" 24 inches. 2011