Will Delaney

Will Delaney

Staten Island, NY

The search for ceiling tins is where the story begins.
Ceiling tins were used in the 1890-1920 in fashionable homes as a more practical substitute for ornate and sophisticated patterned plaster ceilings. The supply is quickly diminishing.

We recently found a supply source in a Scranton, PA warehouse that contains salvaged materials from old homes. This has enabled us to bring a piece of history for display and enjoyment in your home.

Our hand selected tin tiles are brought to our shop where we clean and remove 100 years of dust, rust, pipe, cigarette and cigar smoke. This is when they start to take on unique characteristics.

The backs are painted with a rust inhibitor paint and the faces are treated with three coats of shellac. The first coat is brushed on and then they are sprayed. We choose shellac as a natural sealer for its tendency to age and develop a natural patina as time ticks by. The tins are then drilled and fitted with a quartz movement that operates on a AA battery. The challenging part is the last step; finding the right hands to enhance the ceiling tile that has been given new life. It is now a truly unique display of days gone by to be appreciated in your home or office.

As a woodworker, welder and dreamer, I make different one of a kind displays for these vintage tin clocks using different materials, always keeping the focus on the quickly vanishing ceiling tins.