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Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram is a busy guy. As he gears up for GlassWeekend ’15, he’s juggling 16 other projects. Among them:

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An Interview with “Emanation” Artist Michael Oatman

How did you get involved with ‘Emanation: Art + Process?‘ MO: Hank asked me originally if I would be the

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Kristin Qualls on “Creativity Ascertained”

AG: Tell me about what you do here at WheatonArts. KQ: I’m the Director of Exhibitions and Collections at WheatonArts

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Mark Dion and Alexandra Golaszewska
A WheatonArts Interview How did you get involved with E​manation: Art + Process? MD: Well, Hank Adams and Kristin Qualls [...]  0
Hank Adams on “Emanation: Art + Process”
Hank Adams has worked as studio creative director at WheatonArts for twelve years. As an internationally-respected artist, Hank first worked [...]  1
  • David King

    David King

  • Self-Portrait


  • Chan with bottles (detail)

    Chan with bottles (detail)

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  • Absent Minded

    Absent Minded