Student Groups: Tours & Hands-on Options

Children and a teacher in a student group create beads by rolling clay between their hands.

Engage in a creative experience while visiting as a group! Choose from various tours, hands-on art classes, and engaging experiences designed to enhance your visit. The fees listed below are in addition to the student group admission fee. All programs are subject to staffing and scheduling considerations. For more information, call 800.998.4552 or 856.825.6800, ext. 108.

Tour Options for Student Groups

Schedule a guided tour of the internationally known Museum of American Glass or opt for a more hands-on approach with our curatorial touch cart to hold the tools of the glassmaking trade and the objects they make!

Tours are 45-minutes in length and limited to 20 students at a time. Available for grades 3 through 12. 

Museum Guided Tour

Class Fee: $2 per student
Available April through December, the Museum of American Glass at WheatonArts showcases American-made glass from the Colonial Era to the present with its internationally known collection. One of only nine museums in the state of New Jersey to be accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, it offers over 18,000 square feet of exhibition space with a collection of 20,000+ pieces, as well as a research library and archive. Discover the history of science, industry, art, and glassmaking processes during a guided tour with our museum docents.

Escape the Museum

Class Fee: $60
Explore the Museum of American Glass in a themed scavenger hunt. Play art detective and solve riddles based on the Museum’s collection items. Look through the rooms, read the labels, and keep a keen eye on the pieces on display.

Hands-On Art Class Options for Student Groups

Enjoy a 45-minute, hands-on guided art class. We design all classes to align with the NJ Student Learning Standards. All projects will be ready to take home at the end of your visit. 

All class options listed below are $80 each and limited to 20 students per class. Available for grades 3 through 12. Please note that some classes are limited to three classes per day. 

Origami Gift Boxes

Learn how to use origami folding techniques to create gift boxes with lids for small gifts. Origami gift boxes are perfect for creatively packaging a special gift for a friend or family member. Each student will make one small square origami gift box. Additionally, the instructor will explain using the same folding technique to make larger boxes for students to try at home. Limit of three (3) classes per day.

Paper Bead Making

Live and accessorize “Green” by making recycled beads! Young artists will learn to use strips of scrapbook paper and magazines to create colorful beads. Finished beads are perfect for later creating wearable jewelry, key chains, or beaded curtains. Limit of three (3) classes per day.

Polymer Clay: Bead Making

Create colorful clay beads for use in various projects. Students will learn how to use polymer clay to create swirl patterns in beads that are great for key chains, necklaces, bracelets, and much more! Baking instructions are provided at the end of the class for hardening the clay at home. Limit of three (3) classes per day.

Polymer Clay: Tile Making

Create beautiful tiles for mosaics using polymer clay. Young artists will learn how to use polymer clay, glass gems, and stamps to create colorful, fun tiles. Use your imagination to create unique tiles! Baking instructions are provided at the end of class for hardening the clay at home. Each student will make 1 to 2 tiles about 3” x 3” inches in size. Limit of three (3) classes per day.

Cardboard Self Portraits

Experience the process of creating an assemblage that is a reflection of your unique personality. During this workshop, learn how to use small, geometric pieces of cardboard to create abstract self-portraits or abstract faces. Color will be added to the cardboard using oil pastels and markers. 

Frottage: Rubbings + Collage

Discover the exciting textures all around us and use them to create expressive art! Frottage is a surrealist creative process that involves making a rubbing of a textured surface. Students will use textures found in the room and outside (weather permitting) to create texture rubbings using crayons and pencils. The rubbings, scrapbook paper, and drawing materials such as oil pastels, colored pencils, and crayons will be transformed into a college, creating a mixed media work of art.

Painting: Watercolor Resist 

Experiment with salt, oil pastels/crayons, and watercolors to create unique effects and textures! Each student will complete one painting. Watercolor will be painted over the entire paper, with the oil pastels or crayons portions creating a resist. Salt will then be sprinkled on the wet paint creating the visual texture of bubbles.

Students in class at WheatonArts

All experiences are subject to staffing and scheduling considerations. Prices are subject to change without notice.