Vincent Pettit

Vincent Pettit

VKP Wood and Metal
Winfield Park, NJ

Inspired by simpler times, I strive to put out quality, handcrafted products that bring some of the earth’s natural beauty into your home. Heirloom quality hand carved greenwood woodenware that is beautiful and fully functional.

I am dedicated to preserving our parks and forests, and source everything ethically and sustainably from NJ and the Adirondacks. If it’s hunting for downed trees during hikes or reclaiming wood lost to damage or disease, I pride myself on never harvesting live trees for my products.

VKP Wood & Metal was founded in 2015 by NJ Native Vincent Pettit. Vincent is a trained jeweler who transitioned his hand skills into mastering traditional Scandinavian greenwood working techniques. His passion shines through his work with exceptional craftsmanship.