South Jersey Pysanky

South Jersey Pysanky

South Jersey Pysanky
Millville, NJ

I have been working in the traditional Ukrainian medium of Pysanka for over 20 years. Pysanka, or Pysanky (plural), is a form of folk art used to convey messages of meaning and love when written for loved ones or paramours.

I first fell in love with the craft as a child, learning from my Aunt Bea. Making eggs with family around the table are some of my favorite childhood memories. I have spent the last few years working on translating the traditional craft I grew up learning into a more contemporary variety. This gives me the opportunity to make this craft interesting and attainable for all varieties of people to learn and enjoy.

Any type of egg you can imagine I have worked with, from giant Ostrich eggs to teeny Finch eggs no bigger than a pea. I’ll use these eggs to create jewelry, ornaments, or whole intricate eggs to be displayed and appreciated. Eggs can take anywhere from 2 to dozens of hours; it depends on how detailed one would like to be in the final design. Every work is one of a kind, no two Pysanky are exactly alike.

I prefer to work with geometric designs; 48 triangles is my personal favorite base. It’s so beautiful to me that you can obtain so many different works of art from the same beginnings.