Seed & Plant Label Sticks

Seed & Plant Label Sticks

Don’t forget what you planted! Create colorful seed label sticks with materials that you already have at home. Use these creative labels to help remember which planted seeds are in each of your pots and garden beds.


  • Craft Sticks or clean Popsicle Sticks
  • Paint
  • Stamp Pad
  • Letter Stamps
  • Mod podge or outdoor varnish (for outdoor usage)

Step 1: Clean your old popsicle sticks or grab a fresh craft stick. 

Step 2: Paint one or both sides of each stick, making sure to leave the part that goes into the soil unpainted.

Step 3: Once the paint dries, use letter stamps and a stamp pad to spell the name of each seed that you have planted. 

Step 4: If you plan to use these in indoor pots, you can place them in the soil as is. For outdoor pots or garden beds, use mod podge or an outdoor varnish to protect them. 

Learning and Discussion Questions:

1. Gardeners often purchase small paper packets of seeds from a gardening store. How do plants naturally disperse and plant their seeds? Watch this video to learn how seeds disperse in nature.

2. As we learned in the video, one of the ways plants spread their seeds is through self explosion! Watch this video to see plants exploding and spreading seeds in slow motion.

Thank you to our sponsor, PNC Arts Alive!, for helping to make this video possible!

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