Robert Gardner


Robert Gardner

Robert Gardner began at an early age to see things divided into one and the other, into black and white, nature and non-nature. After high school and an apprenticeship with a jeweler, Robert attended the Art Institute in San Francisco to continue with his love of cinema. At the same time, Robert was employed by Fletcher Benton as an assistant in his production of sculpture and was exposed to an artistic output that he never could have otherwise imagined.

Events changing, Robert ended up living in North Carolina, near Penland School, and soon became fascinated with glass blowing and what followed was a three-year apprenticeship. Working for William Bernstein, George Bucuet and Rob Levin, Robert was exposed to the studio-centered lifestyle and all of what that entailed. He then pursued graduate school as a means of exploring glass and sculpting further. However, university culture held little calling for him and when an opportunity came through Penland School, he returned. He taught for one year and then stayed on for two years to coordinate the school glass facility. He has moved to Asheville where for the past four years he has been building up a shop facility, producing work and trying to be a good partner and Dad.

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