Paper Plate Frisbee

Paper Plate Frisbee

Get crafty during your backyard summer barbecues by designing your own version of the Frisbee using ordinary paper plates!


  • Paper Plates
  • Clear Shipping Tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers

Step 1: Begin by choosing two paper plates. Cover the top of the first plate with clear shipping tape. This will require multiple strips of tape and helps give the plate some sturdiness & weight.

Step 2: Use scissors to trim the excess tape from the edges of the plate. 

Step 3: Repeat this process of taping and trimming with the second plate. 

Step 4: Flip the plates over to expose the back. Draw a 3 to 4-inch diameter circle in the center of the plate.

Step 5: Use scissors to punch a hole in the center and cut along the drawn line to create a hole in the center. 

Step 6: Use the cutout circle as a template for the second plate to keep the circle areas roughly the same size and cut out the new circle.

Step 7: Use markers to draw patterns on the bottom of each plate. 

Step 8: Once your drawings are complete, stack the plates together with the two top sides facing each other. Use shipping tape to secure them together around the rim.

Step 9: Your frisbee is ready to fly! 

Ideas to take your paper frisbee to the next level:

  • Experiment with the size of the center hole. Does changing the size make the frisbee fly differently? 
  • Create a game with your frisbee! Place buckets at varying distances and compete to see who can throw the frisbee into the buckets. 

Learning and Discussion Questions:

1. Take a Guess! The popular backyard toy “Frisbee” was named after:

  • A. The popular Western Honeybee that flies through the air.
  • B. A pie baking company.
  • C. The cool breezy weather in Conneticut where the Frisbee was invented. 

2. Visit this link to learn the answer about the invention and evolution of the “Frisbee”.

3. Have you ever heard of Frisbee Golf? The sport has numerous public courses set up throughout the United States. Watch this video to learn how the game is played.

Thank you to our sponsor, PNC Arts Alive!, for helping to make this video possible!

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