Michael Oatman’s “The Second Oldest Profession” at WheatonArts

Michael Oatman calls his practice ‘the poetic interpretation of documents.’ His collages and installlations integrate thousands of found, modified and handmade components, including artifacts of material culture, painting, drawing, video, and food. These architectural ‘unvironments’ have been installed at museums, public spaces and private homes. His installations are ‘context-specific,’ and demand from him a total immersion into physical location, sonic/haptic realms, local history and the personal stories of those he encounters while working. He has exhibited extensively in the U.S. and abroad.

This video is the first in a series related to Emanation: Art + Process. It provides a focus on Michael Oatman’s “The Second Oldest Profession” with Kristin Qualls, Director of Exhibitions and Collections at WheatonArts.

Currently on display at WheatonArts is Emanation: Art + Process, featuring ten new installations by renowned contemporary artists. With works created in response to, and conjunction with the WheatonArts Glass Studio and the Museum of American Glass, Emanation highlights Wheaton’s unique connection between the site of creation and the site of display.

The exhibition continues through January 4, 2016.

Participating artists include: Mark Dion, Paula Hayes, Carolyn Healy & John Phillips, Donald Lipski, Virgil Marti, Michael Oatman, Judy Pfaff, Jocelyne Prince, Rob Wynne, Mark Zirpel