Meet the New Glass Studio Team!

Meet the New Glass Studio Team!

It’s a new glass act! Alexander Rosenberg, the Netflix Blown Away star and current Glass Studio Director of WheatonArts, has finished building his new team of glass artists. Visitors can meet and interact with the new team as well as with Creative Glass Fellowship artists during open hours, and with notable guest artists during special event weekends. The Glass Studio’s artist residency programs, educational partnerships, and Make-Your-Own Experiences program are also back in full swing. Meet the new Glass Studio Team below!

Glass Studio Director: Alexander Rosenberg
Alexander Rosenberg is an artist, educator, and writer. He earned a Master of Science in Visual Studies from MIT and a BFA in Glass from the Rhode Island School of Design. Rosenberg is the recipient of the 2020 Proctor Fellowship, the 2012 International Glass Prize, and an Awesome Foundation Grant. He was a founding member of Hyperopia Projects (2010 to 2018), headed the glass program at the University of the Arts (2010 to 2017), and was an artist member of Vox Populi Gallery (2012 to 2015). He was cast on the Netflix Series Blown Away in 2018 and taught at Salem Community College from 2017 to 2021. 

Glass Studio Coordinator: Katey Murphy
Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Katey Murphy is an artist who often uses mirrors in her work to distort and confront reflection. Murphy’s work comments on substandard expectations of beauty and the intimate relationships we create with the people around us. She started working with glass in 2009 and has traveled the east coast working with the medium. She received her BFA from Temple University (2014) and her MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University (2018). Her work was selected as the cover of the MFA Thesis Exhibition Catalog. 

Glass Studio Assistant Coordinator: Ian Shishido
Ian Shishido is a native of the island of Oahu, and began working with glass as an artistic medium in 2016. Ian’s fascination with glass started the moment he was exposed to a demonstration of glassblowing. Since then, he has dedicated himself to understanding the transparent material and its many uses. He graduated from the University of Hawaii, Manoa, with a bachelor’s in Fine Arts in the Spring of 2021 and completed an internship at the Chrysler Museum and a fellowship at Pilchuck Glass School.

Make-Your-Own Hot Glass Instructor: Kendall Frank
Kendall Frank’s artistic practice takes inspiration from natural & built environments and is driven by observing, collecting, and cataloging. She moved to Philadelphia from rural Pennsylvania to attend Tyler School of Art and Architecture. Trained in various glassmaking techniques, Frank most often practices kiln-forming & flameworking. Utilizing multiple processes allows her to achieve diverse effects in upcycling and transforming glass trash. Frank evokes optimism & inspired action with works concentrating on the impending climate crisis and other cultural and social issues. 

Glass Studio Assistants include recent graduates of Salem Community College: Tiffany Leps, Jeremy Hayes, Cheyenne Ellison, and Josh Metzger. Additionally, several past work-exchange artists are back as well, including Caz Boyd, Steve Boyd, Lisa Gerald, and Tricia Dufford. 

Rosenberg concludes that “the Glass Studio has been and continues to be an international hub for creative and fearless experimentation in the field of glass. Rebuilding towards pre-pandemic capacity, our new team holds firm on the commitment to embrace diversity, inclusion, and equitable practices in a studio environment that is safe and welcoming to all.”

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