Mandala Scratch Art

Mandala Scratch Art

Carve in some calm & relaxing time to your week with this mandala scratch art process! Creating a handmade scratchboard is an easy, visually appealing, and creative way to slow down with your kids, family, and friends while making stunning & intricate pieces of art.


  • Mixed Media Paper
  • Oil Pastels
  • Paint Brush
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Wooden Skewer

Step 1: Begin by choosing a sheet of thick mixed-media paper. The paper should be strong enough to accept acrylic paint. 

Step 2: Cover the entire paper in color using oil pastels or wax crayons.

Step 3: Once the paper is colored in, apply a thin coat of acrylic paint on top of the oil pastel, covering it completely.

Step 4: Apply a second coat if needed and let it dry.

Step 5: Use a circular object to begin your design in the center of your paper. We recommend a quarter or a button. 

Step 6: Use a skewer to trace the circle, scratching through the dried acrylic paint to reveal the colors beneath. Continue to draw a symmetrical pattern around your center circle.

Step 7: Use other circular objects, such as ceramic bowls or plastic lids to create larger circular rings. 

Step 8: Continue to draw your design, filling in the area between the rings. 

Ideas to take your mandala scratch art to the next level:

  • Experiment with colors: instead of a rainbow layer, use one or two colors to create a color theme. 
  • Incorporate inspirational quotes: aadd meaningful quotes or affirmations around your Mandala for an extra personal touch.
  • Frame your artwork: after completing your Mandala, consider framing it to display in your home as a beautiful piece of art.

Learning and Discussion Questions:

1. What was your favorite part of creating your Mandala?

2. How did you decide on your Mandala design? Did you find inspiration from any specific source?

3. Did you encounter any challenges while making your Mandala? How did you overcome them?

4. How did you feel during the process of creating your artwork? Did it have a calming or meditative effect on you?

5. What ideas do you have for incorporating Mandala art into other creative projects or activities?

6. How do you think your Mandala reflects your personality or emotions at the time you created it?

7. Expand your knowledge of scratch art and mandalas by reading the following books:

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