Macramé Keychain

Macramé Keychain

Discover the world of macramé with this intro-level tutorial on creating a spiral knot keychain! Whether making these for yourself or as gifts, this activity is a great way to keep your fingers busy with creativity.


  • Macrame Cord
  • Keychain Ring
  • Wooden Bead
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Command Strip and Hook

Step 1: Prepare the work area by attaching a “damage-free hanging” command strip and hook to the working surface. Place the keychain on the hook. 

Step 2: Cut two macrame cords at 36 inches long. 

Step 3: Attach both of the cords to the keychain ring by using a Lark’s Head knot. You can do this knot by folding the cord in half, wrapping the folded end of the cord around the ring, and pulling the ends of the cord through the loop of the folded end. Pull to tighten.

Step 4: Tie a spiral knot. A spiral knot is made by taking the outer left cord and crossing it OVER the two middle cords, then taking the outer right cord and placing it over the end of the left cord and UNDER the two middle cords and looping it through the hole on the left side. Gently pull each of the two ends to tighten the knot. Pull and tighten the knot to the top of the two middle cords. 

Step 5: Continue tying spiral knots, pulling them closely together, until there are only two inches of cord remaining. Always put the left cord on top first to make the knots spiral.

Step 6: Finish the design by tying a wrap knot. Fold one of the middle cords in half to create a loop. Use the other longer cord to wrap around three of the other cords. Wrap about 4 or 5 times. Then, thread the wrapping cord through the loop and pull each end to tighten the wrap. 

Step 7: Trim the cord sticking vertically through the wrap. Trim the bottom cords to make them even. 

Step 8: Use a comb to fray the ends. 

Ideas to take macrame keychains to the next level:

  • Branch out and learn advanced knots: Once you have mastered the spiral knot, research and learn more complex knots like the square knot, clove hitch, or half-hitch knot. This will add depth to your macramé skills and allow for more intricate designs.
  • Add custom beads and charms: Purchase a variety of beads and charms to personalize your keychains even further. You can include semi-precious gemstone beads, metal charms, or custom-engraved pieces.

Learning and Discussion Questions:

1. Visit Etsy, an online handmade marketplace, to find more macramé patterns and templates for advanced projects. 

2. Did you know that macramé is popular in home decor? Read this article in Apartment Therapy, which provides a brief history of macramé.

3. How might you adapt the macramé skills acquired in this workshop to create other crafts or projects outside of keychains?

4. How could macramé art be used to benefit your local community or a charitable cause? Brainstorm ideas for such projects.

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