Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram

Luke Jerram is a busy guy. As he gears up for GlassWeekend ’15, he’s juggling 16 other projects. Among them:

 He has a team of 20 people gearing up to install 15 tons of fishing boat into a forest for a project called Withdrawn.

 He’s working with an arts organization called Museums at Night to allow a member of the public to steal an artwork from a museum, which he says “should be a lot of fun.”

 He’s working with engineers on fabrication method for a school sculpture.

 He has technicians building a life-size car that converts into street furniture, sand pit, ramps and a barbecue.

 His glassblowing team is prototyping a mitochondrion sculpture for the University of Sheffield.
In this video, he describes his approach to his work.

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