Lisa Strauss

Lisa Strauss

Col de Mar
Hackettstown, NJ

We design & stitch our collection of small leather accessories. I am a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, FIT, and my husband is in research & development with current and family history in illustration and graphic arts. Together we create our designs using a beautiful new leather, a Tilapia fish leather. With my focus on small and compact, one of my first accessories, which continues today, was conceived from thoughts of how to make my current situation easier. We created our card case with a pull tab that lifts the cards from the case rather than trying to dig your credit card from a wallet slot. This case was less than half the size of a wallet but carried the same amount of cards and was easier to access.

Our goal is to create designs that assist in organizing the items you carry with you for your lifestyle. We searched until we found our most unique asset, our Tilapia fish leather. With a beautiful natural texture, geometric pattern, and a great story to bring to our customers, we knew instantly that this was the leather we would use. We utilize a renewable & sustainable natural resource – a farm-raised fish after seafood harvesting, which is then upcycled to produce a distinctive new leather. Intriguing. We continue to create our products with ease of use and functionality and consider our customer feedback in our designs. Each fish leather hide is chosen to match scale direction. Some are then backed for a stronger/thicker leather when necessary for a specific design. Each product piece is then stitched using complimentary lining, zippers, thread colors and trims.

Through the years as we have added/changed design pieces, we have added other leathers such as eel, various snake leathers, as well as regular cow leather, digital printed and embossed to offer other leather selections as well as various textures and patterns.