Lisa Cutler

Lisa Cutler

Two Son Jewelry
Chester, NH

I am not a formally trained artist or jeweler. My work is imaginative, and my color sense is intuitive. I have been making a living as a full-time craftsperson since 2003. Before that, I was a psychiatric nurse. But that’s a whole other story.

I have been creating unique pieces of jewelry for the past twenty years. I intend to capture the colors in nature, from the neutral tones of the beach at low tide to the sharp contrast of autumn leaves up against the sky.

In the winter of 2017, I began experimenting with felt ribbon and balls, now the most satisfying and inspiring medium I use. I am no longer limited to the linear confines of stringing beads, even though I got away from that a little bit in the past, by layering strands or having lots of little dangly things! The felt allows me to create pieces that are much more sculptural.

Think of my process as sculpting or painting with felt. The construction is free form, and I sew as I go. I have had to rework my process because of this non-linear production. I sometimes pin together a necklace, photograph it, then take it apart and sew it together, referring to the picture for guidance. Many of the felt balls are embellished with hand-sewn seed beads, done before the necklace is assembled.

I am definitely on the whimsy end of the jewelry spectrum!