Lana Heckendorn

Lana Heckendorn

Lana Heckendorn Ceramics
Carlisle, PA

Lana Heckendorn received a BFA in Printmaking from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. She later developed her functional porcelain work at The Clay Studio. After spending 29 years in Philadelphia, she moved back to Central Pennsylvania, and now makes pots in her studio in Carlisle, PA.

In addition to invitational gallery shows, she frequently shows her work in craft shows, both indoor and out, where she enjoys meeting the people who will ultimately use her porcelain pots.

These porcelain pots are wheel-thrown or hand-built, sometimes in combination, with hand-drawn patterns. Using multiple glazes of different surface quality (satin, gloss, speckled) on each piece, dynamic but quiet color compositions are created. Lana’s making processes explore the relationship of form, color and surface pattern in functional pottery.