Karen and the Nut

Karen and the Nut

Karen & the Nut
Mullica Hill, NJ

My name is Mick Julia, and I make a handcrafted specialty gourmet snack item based on a Bavarian-style recipe. My Cinnamon Glazed Bavarian Almonds, Pecans, and Cashews are a unique addition to any event. My Company name is “Karen and The Nut”

I have included a description of the process I use to make a delicious gourmet snack that everyone seems to enjoy since everything is made on-site. No propane or oils are used in the cooking process.

My equipment simultaneously roasts and glazes the nuts to create a unique and delicious gourmet product. The roaster constantly stirs the nuts in a cinnamon glaze formula, while the roasting and glazing occur in direct view of the customer. Customers enjoy watching the syrup change from a liquid to a powder and finally into a uniform glaze on the individual nuts while the aroma of cinnamon fills the air. As the nuts are about to be removed, water is poured on the nuts to complete the glazing process.

The air is filled with a wonderful cinnamon scent attracting many more customers. Finally, in full view of the customer, the nuts are poured from the roaster, steaming hot, packaged, and sold fresh and warm.

The aroma draws people that are sometimes on the other side of some very large shows seeking the source of our wonderful and unique product. We have done shows where the promoter has actually stated that we added an extra element to the atmosphere. We were recently complemented at Hamburg High school in PA at a Christmas event by the promoter who stated, “We Made the Show.” Many times, people who finally found us state that the smell was driving them crazy and had to follow their nose to get to us!