Kait Rhoads

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Kait Rhoads

Kait Rhoads received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1993 and her MFA from Alfred University in 2001. She has received scholarships from Pilchuck Glass School, an emerging artist residency at Pilchuck School of Glass and Pratt Fine Arts Center, a Fulbright grant to study sculpture in Murano, Venice, and her first fellowship at the Creative Glass Center of America in New Jersey in 1998. She creates sculptures and vessels made with traditional Italian techniques. Her collections include the Seattle Art Museum, Carnegie Museum of Art, and the Corning Museum of Glass.

Kait Rhoads has exhibited and collaborated with glass institutions such as the Tacoma Art Museum, Pittsburgh Glass Museum, and the Museum of American Glass. She has also received awards for the Pilchuck school and was a Creative Glass fellow in 1997 and 2008.  

Kait Rhoads’ work is informed, inspired, and modeled after bio-architecture. Rhoads’ glass pieces seem to pluck straight from a futuristic world yet carry a child-like wonder of stumbling upon discovery in one’s backyard. The Sea Stones sculptures displayed here have hexagonal openings with copper wire woven around that Rhoads refers to as hollow murrine, sculptural units fitted together to create a fluid object. Also displayed is Silhouette, made at WheatonArts, a blown glass vase that is sky blue with white clouds painted on with an abstract line drawing over top. Silhouette and Sea Stones express the wonder, and curiosity Rhoads has for the biological architecture in nature.