Joshua Solomon

Joshua Solomon

Multicolored glass piece with 5 winding stems reaching upward. Created by artist Joshua Solomon.

I live and work in Norfolk, VA. I’m married to a wonderful woman and together we care for one old cat. My base is The Chrysler Museum of Art Glass Studio. I am a part-time instructor/problem solver/helper-outer, I’ve been there since it opened roughly 7 years ago. I’m also work on the exhibitions team when they need extra help. I’ve won many awards and participated in shows in NY, NJ, PA, MA, OH MD and VA.

I capture the dynamic nature of glass as an elemental medium. This approach creates a give and take relationship that forces me to develop my work both internally through technique/design and externally via form and function. My focus is trained on the evolution of individual works within a series. This perspective enables me to have consistency within a body of work and at the same time offers me the freedom of experimentation. It is important that each piece stands on its own as well as within the series.

My techniques vary depending on the series. Often I use very traditional techniques for forming the glass while using innovative and unique coloring process. I frequently work the glass heavily in it’s cold state in order to elevate the blown form into a more interesting, complex object.